Wills: alphabetically ~ A

Ackerston Thomas 1572 of Scalford will

Adams Frances 1802 of Wycomb will

Adams John 1779 of Wycomb will

Adams John 1823 of Wartnaby will

Adams William 1812 of Wycomb will

Adcock Geoffrey 1567 of Scalford will

Adcock John 1813 of Harby will

Adcock Nicholas 1582 of Scalford will

Adcock Robert 1680 of Grimston inventory

Adcock William 1713 of Grimston will

Adcock William 1756 of Eaton will

Adkin William 1869 of Saxelby will

Alcock Henry 1614 of Eaton will

Alderman Edward 1912 of Stathern will

Alderman Joseph 1784 of Stathern will

Alderman Joseph 1837 of Stathern will

Alderman William 1866 of Stathern will

Alderman William 1885 of Stathern will

Allen Abraham 1627 of Chadwell will

Allen Mary Hannah 1928 of Scalford will

Allen Robert 1894 of Old Dalby will

Alley John 1579 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Allsopp George 1638 of Grimston inventory

Allsopp Mary 1932 of Plumtree will

Allsopp Robert 1615 of Ab Kettleby will

Allsopp William 1599 of Ab Kettleby will and inventory

Alsetson Richard 1545 of Harby will

Anderson Edward 1843 of Hickling will

Andrew William 1621 of Saxelby inventory

Arden Richard 1851 of Eaton will

Arnell Mary Ann 1883 of Sutton in Granby then Thrussington will

Ash Richard 1904 of Goadby Marwood will

Ashbourne John 1859 of Saltby then Wycomb will

Asher Joseph 1871 of Old Dalby will

Atkinson James 1660 of Harby will

Atkinson William 1592 of Hickling will

Attwell Sybil 1875 of Eaton will

Austin Ann 1728 of Ab Kettleby will

Austin Dorothy 1757 of Grimston administration

Austin Henry 1693 of Grimston will

Austin Henry 1751 of Grimston will

Austin John 1782 of Grimston will

Austin John 1860 of Grimston will

Austin Thomas 1720 of Grimston inventory

Austin Thomas 1783 of Grimston will

Austin William 1754 of Grimston inventory

Awood Catherine 1662 of Scalford will

Awood Elizabeth 1742 of Scalford will

Awood Ellen 1733 of Scalford will

Awood Helen 1772 of Scalford will

Awood Thomas 1724 of Scalford will

Awood William 1671 of Scalford administration

Awood William 1712 of Scalford will

Aysworth Ralffe 1569 of Stathern will