Alsetson Richard 1545 of Harby Will

Richard Alsetson of Harby 1545 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1545

In dei noie amen the xiii day of May In the yere of owr lord mdxlv I Robertt Alsetson of Hardby In the countye of Leicester make my last wyll & testamentt In thys manner & Forme foloyng

Fyrst I bequethe my soll to almyghty god to owr lady Sancte Mary and to all the holye compenye In heaven & my bodye to be buryed In the Churche yard of owr lady In Hardby

Also I bequethe to the hygh auter of Hardby vid

Also to owr mother churche of Lyncoln iiiid

Also to the churche of Hardby iiis iiiid

Also to the churche of Staturn xiid

Also to the church of Heosse xiid

Also to Wyllm Dove hys wyff a Cowe

Also to Thomas Dey wyff and chyldryn a quarter of barle

Also to Wyllm Spencer a quarter of barle & a quarter of beaness

Also to Robertt Rous & hys child a quarter of barle

Also to Als Dubulda ii kye & a calff

Also to Als Cantt a wenyng calf

Also to every one of my god chyldren iid

Also to Rychard Dobulda ii oxen that were boght at Grantham & ii kye & a steyr and a wayne & he to have halffe the farme with my wyffe at the next falowe after my dysseasse & to have toward hys seyd fowre quarter of barle & ii quarter of wheat

Also to Wyllm my brother my best Jakyt & a payer of hose

Also to Thomas Wat[rest of word missing] and Elsabeth halff a quarter of barle

The resydew of my goods I leave with my wyff & Rychard Dobulday & make them my executors

Rychard …son to be oversear & he to have for hys labor iis

Theys wytnesse Sir Thomas Bayle Wyllm Burdon Thomas …

Thys the Inventtorye of the goods of Robart Elsytsone of Hardby praassyd by thes iii Indefferent men Robart Dowbledey Rychart Stanhope Thomas How… Wyllm Dowbledeye

In primis iiii oxeneiiii li
Itm iii steresxls
Itm viii kyneiiii li
Itm iii quyes & a stearexxiiiis
Itm iii weanynge calvesviis
Itm ii horssys and iii marsls
Itm ii yearlynge fyllysviiis
Itm ii shepeiiiis
Itm vii swynexiiiis iiiid
It a sowe & x shottsxiiiis
Itm xviii geesvs
Itm x duksxvid
Itm xii heens & a cokeiis
Itm the wheat in the barneiiii li
Itm the barlye in the barnev li
Itm the peasen & the beansxxxs
Itm viii aker of wheatxls
Itm a wayne a plughe & harras & yoksxxs
Itm brasse & pueterxxs
Itm in beddynge & shets & other napprye warexxvis viiid
Itm bords & formes & othere hosholde stuffexs
Sum totaliscxxxii li xvs viiid