We are a small volunteer group of local historians, based in the village of Hickling in the Vale of Belvoir.

We are lucky to be building on the work of many in the village who have worked on our local history before us; earlier local history groups, individual historians and researchers and families researching their own family histories or the history of their homes. Depressingly, so much disappears with time; thrown away, dispersed around the country, growing mould in lofts and outbuildings but we hope that this website will become a repository for everything that has survived or comes to light in the future and we will keep developing this archive as time goes along.

We are particularly grateful to the Wadkin family who have given us access to their extraordinary local history archive. It was started by Mrs Margaret Wadkin and then continued by her daughter-in-law, Hazel. Hazel published a large amount of this material in 3 scrapbook style publications. Most of this archive has survived, although sadly some items have gone walkabout over the years – because of this Hazel was fiercely protective of what she had and the material that we have been allowed to archive on her family’s behalf is still available to us all because of her dedication and persistence.

Please click on the link: https://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org/

Sadly, Hazel died in September 2019 after a number of years suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and we are keen to help the Wadkin family with their fundraising towards Alzheimer’s research; if you have enjoyed material from the Wadkin archives, please consider making a donation using the link, above.

Hickling, England, United Kingdom