Conservation Area

Millennium Village Sign
Millennium Village Sign

Hickling was first designated as a Conservation Area in 1990 and it was further expanded in September 2008.
In addition to the Conservation Area, the Parish put forward a Parish Plan in 2007 and this is now being updated in a Neighbourhood Plan (currently in draft form – 2019).

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Hickling Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan:

Conservation Area Townscape Appraisal Map: 52 \

Parish & Neighbourhood Plans:

Neighbourhood Plan (draft stages in 2019): file:///D:/WEBSITE%20CONTENT/Conservation%20Area/Neighbourhood%20Plan%20Hickling%20draft%20Feb2019.pdf

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire responses (2018): file:///D:/WEBSITE%20CONTENT/Conservation%20Area/Neighbourhood%20Plan%20Hickling%20Q’aire%20responses%202018.pdf