Fred Maltby Warner

Fred Maltby Warner Mansion Museum in Farmington, Michigan:

Courtesy of the Warner Mansion
Fred Maltby Warner (Courtesy of the Warner Mansion)

An Account of Fred Maltby Warner’s life (July 2015 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth).

Fred’s father, William Maltby, was born in Hickling and his family went back at least several generations in the village.  He was baptised here on 6 December 1829.  He married a woman from Waltham on the Wolds, Frances Munton, at Waltham on 24 June 1857. 

William and Frances had four children, in order of birth John Henry, Emily, Clara and Fred.  Frances registered Fred’s birth in August 1865 and the certificate shows that his registered name was Fred and his date of birth was given as 20th July.

Very shortly after Fred was born the family emigrated to the United States.  We have been told by a descendant of William’s sister Sarah that the family understand that the reason for this was the hope of better prospects.  Although we have no evidence that the family was poor it also seems that they may have been vulnerable to sudden changes in circumstances.

The family moved to Livonia, then a fairly new settlement near to Detroit.  We have been unable to find the record of their voyage in passenger lists but we know that they must have moved very shortly after Fred’s birth because when he was only four and a half months old his mother died in Livonia.

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Melton Times Thursday July 20th 2017.

Nottingham Evening Post Thursday July 9th 2015.

(Images courtesy of the Warner Mansion Museum, Farmington, Michigan)

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