Fred Maltby Warner Cherry Tree (St. Luke’s Churchyard)

Opposite the Church Porch and by the hedge bordering Waterlane Farm is a Cherry Tree. The tree was planted by Mrs Susan Klingbiel on 21st September 1985 when she visited Hickling from America. The tree was planted in memory of Fred Maltby Warner – 120 years after his birth. Susan Klingbiel is the grand daughter of Fred Maltby Warner who was born in Hickling in 1865 and became the 26th Governor of Michigan and the first foreign-born Governor. On 21st September 1985 there was a short service and after planting the tree, Susan Klingbiel presented the Church with a prayer book and she met those related to Fred Maltby Warner who still reside in the area. This event was covered by the local press. (text: Mrs C Beadle.)

Fred Maltby Warner Cherry Tree: white blossom (28th March 2017)

Fred Maltby Warner Cherry Tree: blossom turns pink (12th April 2017)

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