The Wadkin Archive

Scrapbook of Hickling front cover
Scrapbook of Hickling front cover

We are particularly grateful to the Wadkin family who have given us access to their extraordinary local history archive. It was started by Mrs Margaret Wadkin and then continued by her daughter-in-law, Hazel. Hazel published a large amount of this material in 3 scrapbook style publications. Most of this archive has survived, although sadly some items have gone walkabout over the years – because of this Hazel was fiercely protective of what she had and the material that we have been allowed to archive on her family’s behalf is still available to us all because of her dedication and persistence.

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Sadly, Hazel died in September 2019 after a number of years suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and we are keen to help the Wadkin family with their fundraising towards Alzheimer’s research; if you have enjoyed material from the Wadkin archives, please consider making a donation using the link, above.

Wadkin Archive: File 1 – Elm House to The Green

Wadkin Archive: File 2 – Street Views, flooding etc

Wadkin Archive: File 3 – Businesses, Services & Deliveries, Kinoulton Estate Auction, War Records, Dalby Brook

Wadkin Archive: File 4 – Census returns, Tradesmen, White’s Directory

Wadkin Archive: File 5 – School

Wadkin Archive: File 6 – Canal to Chapel Lane (inc. people & families)

Wadkin Archive: File 7 – Activities, Recreation, Hunting

Wadkin Archive: File 8 – Scrapbook of Hickling notes & photo negatives

Wadkin Archive: File 9 – Photo Album (Margaret Wadkin, family)

Wadkin Archive: File 10 – Photo Album (Hickling)

Wadkin Archive: File 11 – Farming (inc. Mill)

Wadkin Archive: File 12 – Views, Aerial photographs, Conservation Area, Church

Wadkin Archive: File 13 – Properties (Clawson Lane to Green Lane)

Wadkin Archive: File 14 – People

Wadkin Archive: File 15 – Properties (Canal to Clawson Lane) inc. Chapel

Wadkin Archive: File 16 – Photo Album (Village School Groups 1885-1940)

Wadkin Archive: File 17 – Photo Album (Village photographs)

Wadkin Archive: Maps

Wadkin Archive: newspaper clippings

The Full Archives are now available (except for some time-barred content): a large amount of the material found its way in to Hazel’s books but full scans of the originals are archived separately via the links, above.