Domesday Book (2000/Millennium)

The Hickling Domesday Book.

As a major part of the Village Millennium celebrations a Domesday Book was put together as a snap-shot record of Hickling at the turn of the Millennium. It features many of the families living in the village between 1999 and 2001 and also includes photographs and information about houses, properties and businesses and it is arranged as a journey through Hickling starting from the south end and moving northwards.

Local artists, Bob Naismith and Barbara McEwen produced the artwork; Bob sketched village scenes and landmarks as headers and footers. Barbara produced an extraordinarily detailed map of the village using aerial photographs; a black and white version was inserted in to the middle of the published book and a large, colour-tinted limited edition was sold separately.

Molly Collishaw was the photographer, producing a visual record of the village at this one point in time and Dorothy Chahal and Jane Fraser helped with collecting and collating the book entries.

Domesday Bk: front and back covers

Domesday Bk: centrefold map

Domesday Bk: pp 1-42

Domesday Bk: pp 43-78

The original Domesday Book Village Map
The original Domesday Book Village Map

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Domesday Book Images: street scenes

Domesday Book Images: Grantham Canal & Hickling Basin

Domesday Book Images: Cows on Main Street

Domesday Book Images: Total Eclipse 11th August 1999

Domesday Book Images: Nativity December 1999