Weather: Snow, Gales, Flooding, Heatwaves

Flooding – winter 2019/2020

Two rivers/streams run through the village – the Smite and the Dalby Brook (plus, of course, the canal which overspills into the waterways at the culvert just beyond the Basin). The Smite begins at Holwell Mouth as a series of springs. This is a great place on the right as you approach the top of Clawson hill which was visited in the 17th & 18th centuries because the reddish, ironstone waters were thought to have healing powers. It then flows under the Clawson to Nether Broughton road and then under Clawson Lane half way between Hickling and Clawson where it forms the Notts/Leics border. The Smite then passes under the canal half a mile later and meanders towards Colston Bassett. You can tell by the little old cliffs here that it used to be much bigger. The Dalby Brook originates in the horseshoe of hills between Old Dalby, Upper Broughton and Hickling Pastures. It joins the River Smite (which is now the smaller watercourse) about half a mile before Colston Bassett. Colston Bassett used to have a port! Can you believe that? The Smite then carries on towards Whatton and Aslockton (where it has long flooded heavily) where it is joined by the Whipling and then joins the Devon (which starts near Belvoir)  before joining the Trent at Newark.

“In the 17th century the river was known as the Snite. This and the modern spelling are thought to derive from the Old English word smita, denoting a foul or miry place. This is linked to another Old English word smitan, which means to daub or pollute” (Mutschmann. CUP)

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W0071b Main St in the snow (1997)
Winter Road Conditions letter 2009