Alley John 1579 of Long Clawson will and inventory

John Alley of Long Clawson 1579 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Will and Probate Records 1579

In the name of God Amen in the yeare of our Lord god 1579 the xi daye of Januarye and in the xxi yeare of the raygne of our Soverayngne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god of queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faythe &c wyttnesseth That I John Alye of Claxton weake beinge sicke in Bodye and of good and perfect remembrance Doe oredayne and mayke this my laste wyll & Testament In manner and forme here following

First I Bequeth my Soule into the hands of Almightye god my maker and Redemer and my Bodye to be Buryed in the Churchyarde of Claxton my parishe Churche

Itm I Bequeath to the poore manne iid

Itm to Colleton Haven iid

Itm to my Curate for all my tythes and offerings by me negligentlye forgotten iffe anye suche be iiiid

Itm I wyll that Jone my wyffe Christopher Alye my sonne and William Alye my sonne have all my Tenement with the appurtenance to them joyntlye together and ife my wyffe go marye to have no ryght in the tenement providded alwayes that when William my sonne dothe marie he hymselfe a wyfe to have halfe the furniture of my shoppe and so to departe from my sayd Tenement

Itm I Bequeath to William Alie my sonne a cowe at the daye of his maryage

Itm I Bequeath to my sonne John Alye xls within one yeare after my Departure

Itm I Bequeath to W… … my Daughter Jones husband a cuple of pewter dyshes a Brasse potte and a strike of wheat for her Childes parte

Itm I wyle to Thomas …der the husband of my Daughter Margaret a cople of pewter dyshes and xiid

Itm I Bequeath to my sonne Robert Ailye xiid

Itm I Bequeath to Thomas Hardatt husband to my Daughter Elizabeth a couple of pewter dishes and xiid

Itm I Bequeath to my sonne Thomas Ailye xs

Itm I Bequeath the rest of my goode and cattells [sic] unbequeathed to Jone my wyffe and Chrystopher Alye my sonne whom I orden and make Jointe executors of this my last will and Testament these witnesses Christpher Goodrom Vicar Richard Hoskyne and Robte Alye my sonne

Thys ys the trewe Inventory of all the gudds and cattels of Jhno Alye of Claxton Decessed prysed and valued the xiiii daye of February by Ales …. Wyllyam Maryet Rycharde Hycling Edward Gye and Thomas …

Imprimis hys apparell & mone in hys pursse   xxs
It all hys Meate beasse   vl xiiis iiiid
It A mare and A fole   xls xiiis iiiid
It the Swyne   xxs
It the corne & hey   iiiil
It the weaving lomes & all other inplemits   xls
It all the implemits in the kechen   xxs
It the … and … geares   xxvis viiid
It the hovell geares and other wodden geare   xxs
It the weate sowen   xxxiiis iiiid
It barle fallows & peasse leasse   xxs
It the puter and brasse   xls iiis iiiid
It the spytte and cobbers wythe other yorne   viiis
It the bedding wythe paynted clothes   iiiil
It the implemets in the chamber   xxs
It the napery ware   xiiis iiiid
It a couple of Amberyes with other implemits   xxs
It the baken   xiiis iiiid
It the pullin   iiiis
It Jhon … dette   vl
It hey and peasse folde   xvs
                                                                                                                                       Suma totalis xxxviiil xiis viiid