Andrew William 1621 of Saxelby Inventory

William Andrew of Saxelby 1621 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/29/19

An Inventorie of all the chattells cattles goodes mooveables and unmooveables of William Andrewe of Saxilbie in the Countie of Leicester Labourer, late deceased, seene vewed and praysed by Roberte Hickling and Robert Gamble of the same towne husbandmen the xxxth day of Januarie Anno Dom 1621

Inprimis his purse and Apparrellv li xvis viiid
Item in the house one table and frame a fourme and two benches 2 chaires 3 stooles a salt
cann & a painted clothvis viiid
Item a fire Iron, 4 hookes, tongues and bellowesiis
Item a Cubberde, 8 platters, 2 porringers 4 saucers 4 candlestickes a peuter pott 2 spoones a saltxviiis
Item 4 brasse pannes, 2 brasse pottesxxs
Item a friinge pann 5 dishes a maund a churne a mouse trappxviiid
Item 4 panchions 4 chesfatts 2 canns 5 ticknall pottsxvd
Item 2 bottles, hammer & pinsors 2 hatchets, a paire of sheires, and 3 sivesiis vid
Item one secke with pease in itiiis 4d
Item in the parlour 2 coverleds a peece of white cloth a peece of gray cloth, a little peece of stuffexxs
Item 3 coffers 3 paire of harden sheetes, one paire of hempen sheetes, 2 barrells with other
Item in the chamber 2 coffers 3 flaxen sheetes 2 paire of hempen sheetes 6 napkins 2 pillowbeeres
a towle a bord clothxxxvs 4d
Item one bed with furniture on itxis 8d
Item yarne and towevis 8d
Item 2 bacon flickesxxs
Item 3 skeppes with corn in them 2 bagges with woole in them, with bordes on the floore & other
implementsxviiis 4d
Item in the barne 3 forkes 3 rakes 6 hives with other implementsiis
Ite 2 loades of heyexviiis
Item a little hoffeild with cooles in it & other implementsvis viiid
Item an other hoffeild with pease on itxxs
Item 2 kine a heifer & a calfe4 li
Item 12 hives of bees with pales about them40s
Item 7 sheepe33s 4d
Item one lease of his howse & land 17 yeares to comexx li
Item owinge to him as appeares by a billv li
Item owinge to him as appeares by a bondx li
Item owing to him by Richard Whittaker of Statthornev li
The whole Summe is65 li 9s 4d

Exhibited 9 February 1621/2