Atkinson William 1592 of Hickling Will

William Atkinson of Hickling 1592 Will

Publication of the Surtees Society Volume 54, Wills & Administrations from the Knaresborough Court Rolls

In this transcription some of the formulaic parts of the will have been abbreviated

April 6, 34 Elizabeth, 1593

I, William Atkinson, clerk, parson of the parishe church of Hickling, co Notts., &c

I geve unto the repaire of the Churche of Hyglynge, wheareof I am nowe parson, iii li

To the repaire and amending of the Causey in Hyglynge xxs

The same iiii li I will to be bestowed on the said Churche and Causey at the discresion of Rauff Smythe, Geo Dafte and John Parlabye of Hycklinge, when and in whatt places as they shall think convenient, and nott att anie others appointment but by theimselfes or some of them

I geve to twentye of the poreste house holders in Hycklinge xiid a pece, and to everye of them a strike of suche corne, barley or wheate, as shall please my executors, the same money and corne to be bestowed by the dyscrecion of the said Rauff, Geo and John

I geve unto the repaire of the Church of Ripley, co Yorke, wheare I was borne, xls; to the poore of the same parishe the some of iiii li, to be bestowed at the discretion of Rob Longe, Tho Atkinson and John Atkinson of the same parishe; to the repaires of the parishe of Weighill, co Yorke, five shillings; to the poor people of the same parishe vs, to be bestowed at the discrecon of my executors

To John Atkinson of Killingham iiii li

To everye one of his sisters, beinge three in number, ten shillings

To Will Atkinson of Clynte xls

To Henry Atkinson of [blank] xs

I forgive and release unto Thos Hebden of Rippon, my sisters sonne, all such debtes and somes of money as he owethe unto my &c

I geve unto Richard and Thomas, sonnes of the said Tho Hebden, xxs a pece

To John Smyth of Rippon xx li

To William Mydleton my godsonne a sylver cupp or tune

To Frances Mydleton, my sisteres doughter, wief unto Edw Mydleton of Whitcliff, xx li

To Barbarye Ripley, my sisteres doughter, wief unto Hughe Ripley of Rippon, xx li

To ony of my servauntes which shalbe dwellinge with me at the time of my decease five shillings

The residue &c my debtes, legacies, funeral expences &c paid, I do frelye geve unto my Cosyns Anthony Mallorye and Margarett, his wief, whome I maike full executors &c, and yf anie of my kynssefolkes of other to whom I have bequiethed anye thinge by this my will shall vex or sewe my said executors &c then I will that suche persones shall losse the said legacye gyven, and my executors shall have the same &c

Witnesses, Tho Huthwait, Rich Hutwait

15 April 1594 Margaret Mallory relict of Anthony Mallory gentleman admitted as executrix