Adcock Robert 1680 of Grimston Inventory

Robert Adcock of Grimston 1680 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives 44’28 1322/187

A true & perfect Inventory of all the Goodes Cattell & Chattells of Robert Adcock the elder of Grimston in the Parish of Rothley in the County of Leicester yeoman deceased taken September the 24th Anno Dom 1680 by us Will: James Henrey Austin

Imprimis his pursse & Aparrell368
In the house   
Item 2 tables 6 buffitt Stooles 2 Settells 4 chaires one forme 6 cussings one fire   
yron rackings & hookes & fire stovell300
In the greate parlour   
Item 2 bedsteads 2 coverlids 2 blanketts 2 sett of curtains 2 matrices one paire   
of hempinge Sheets 2 bolsters & 2 pillowes one dresser6
In the little parlour   
Item one bedstead one coverlid one blanket one featherbed one paire of   
hempinge Sheets one bolster 3 pillowes one sett of Curtaines one cuberd   
2 coffers 2 boxes 3 cussings one pillowbeare900
In the 2 little chambers   
Item one bedstead with the bedinge 2 coffers & wooll & cheese with some   
other things5150
Item in the greate chamber in wheate & malte200
Item in the dearie 5 barills one churne 5 peales & other Wooden vessells   
& other things200
Item in the kitchinge one paire of quirnes one lead & coals300
Item in puter & brasse400
Item 5 Cowes 6 heifers1600
Item one gelding 5 mares 2 yerlings4000
Item one wagon carts & cartgeares ploughs & ploughgeares2000
Item fold fleakes & shipp cribs1100
Item beast cribs horse troughs & hog troughs & 3 Ladders1100
Item in Linen240
Item 5 sacks one winnows hook & a fan100
Item in wheate barley & pease60100
Item in hay1000
Item the sheepe1000
Item one sow eight piggs368
Item for the clots and pease earth2300
Item things unnamed & forgotten078
The Summe total is227100
Item the Tyth valued att10000

Will: James

Henrey Austin

A true & perfect Accompt of Mary Adcocke the widdow relict & Administratix of All & Singular the goods & credits of Robt Adcock late of Grimstone in the parish of Rothley in the County of Leicester yeoman deced made as well of her receipts & disbursements by her pd & expended by virtue of Letters of Adson to her granted … … … … …

This Accomptant chargeth her selfe with the receipt of all & singular the goods & creditts of the sd dest, as the same are by praisers made & by this Accomptant … into the Registry of this Court amounting to the sume of £237.10.0

Suma … … whereof this Accomptant craveth an Allowance of followeth

Impris for funeral charges030000
Itm for ltrs of Adson & other charges050900
Itm pd to Mr Kerkby for rent020000
Itm pd to Mr Kent for rent due000900
Itm pd to William Hemsley of Willoughby for a debt due by the sd defunct290000
Itm pd for servants waiges due at his death08200
Itm pd to Mr Hemsley of Dalby0250
Itm to pay to Mr Kent of Wartnaby for A debt due by the deced960000
Itm to pay to Clement Miller of Saxelby for the like21040
Itm to pay to Robt Kilby of Grimston for the like10120
Itm pd in other od debts0300
Itm pd for passing of this Accompt & letters testimonial under seale  0178
Suma Exp…173018

Bond, bound Mary Adcock widow of Grimston, Robert Adcock yeoman of Grimston and William Hill blacksmith of Grimston 22 October 1680, condition bound Mary Adcock relict of Robert Adcock late yeoman of Grimston intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Mark of Mary Adcock

                                                                                                                Robb… Adcocke

                                                                                                                Mark of William Hill