Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1963/4 Conveyance & Mortgage.

1963/4 Conveyance & Mortgage.


Old Mill Cottage: 1963/4 conveyance
Old Mill Cottage: 1963/4 conveyance
  • Mrs Ethel Mary Swanwick sold the property to Mr CJ Tizzard and Miss GM Dixon (married 12th October 1963):
    • Conveyance dated 4th July 1963, sale price of £1,250.
    • House is known as “Ivy Cottage”
    • It was ‘recently occupied by the vendor’.
    • The new occupiers also have the right to extract water from the pump at the Wharf (owned by MR JW Harriman)
    • For the first time, consideration is given to the possibility of mining related subsidence (a developing issue at the time)
  • The transaction includes a 21-year term mortgage and joint tenancy/trust arrangements (mortgage held by Bingham Rural District Council).
  • Mrs Swanwick died in March 1966; probate records say that she is ‘of The Hassocks Queens Rd East Beeston Nottinghamshire’ and it is likely that this is where she went after selling the property.
    • This address is the same as that used for Mrs Swanwick in this conveyance of 1963.
    • Next to her signature on the Conveyance, Mrs Swanwick’s occupation is given as, ‘Matron – care of the aged’.
  • The conveyance includes a memorandum dated 8th August 1972 when Mr and Mrs (Dixon) Tizzard sell part of the garden of Ivy Cottage to Mrs Margaret Zetta Barton.
  • A Mortgage of £1,250 was taken out with Bingham Rural District Council at the time of purchase (4th July 1963) 
    • A further loan of £410 (at 6%pa) was made by Bingham Rural District Council (dated 16th April 1964) to carry out improvements to the property.
    • This further loan is witnessed by Mr PW Marriott of Canal View, Hickling (neighbour to the north and west).
    • The proposed work included:
      • ‘East gable to be provided with an inner skin to comply with the Council’s Byelaws’
      • ‘Hot water system bathroom and an internal WC to be provided’
  • A memorandum in July 1972 notes that the mortgage has been cleared.
  • A memorandum notes that in August 1972 a portion of land has been conveyed to a neighbour, Mrs Margaret Zetta Barton; it is part of ‘rear garden’.

Involved Individuals:

  • Mr Herbert and Mrs Ethel Swanwick – see previous notes (1930 and 1951)
  • Christopher John Tizzard and Gillian Mary Tizzard (formerly Gillian Mary Dixon).
    • Christopher John Tizzard of 26 Bridle Road Bramcote
    • Gillian Mary Dixon of the Pharmacy, Market Street, Bingham; this was a well-established, traditional, family-run pharmacy in Bingham which served all the surrounding villages for many years – Mr Dixon (senior) was very knowledgeable about canals and worked with the Grantham Canal Restoration Society in its early years. When Mr Dixon retired the premises were incorporated into Mees Electricals next door.


Titles – conveyance 1963:

  1. Dated 4th July 1963
  2. Mrs EM Swanwick
  3. to
  4. Mr CJ Tizzard and Miss
  5. GM Dixon
  6. Conveyance
  7. of
  8. all that messuage or dwelling house
  9. situate and known as “Ivy Cottage”
  10. Hickling in the County of Nottingham.

Memorandum – conveyance 1963:

  1. Memorandum
  2. By a conveyance dated the eight day of August 1972 and made between
  3. the within named Christopher John Tizzard and Gillian Mary Tizzard (formerly Gillian
  4. Mary Dixon) of the one part and Margaret Zetta Barton of the other part a piece of land
  5. forming part of the rear garden of Ivy Cottage Main Street Hickling in the County of
  6. Nottingham was conveyed to the said Margaret Zetta Barton in fee simple and her right
  7. to the production of the within written Deed was thereby acknowledged.

Titles – Mortgage 1964:

  1. Dated 16th April 1964
  2. Christopher John Tizzard
  3. Gillian Mary Tizzard
  4. to
  5. Bingham Rural District Council
  6. “Ivy Cottage” Hickling in the County of
  7. Nottingham
  8. Further Charge
  9. Supplemental to a Mortgage dated the fourth
  10. day of July One thousand Nine hundred and
  11. Sixty-three.

Memorandum – Mortgage 1964:

  1. Bingham Rural District Council
  2. hereby acknowledge that they have this twenty-fourth day of July
  3. One thousand nine hundred and seventy-two received the sum of
  4. two hundred and ninety-eight pounds forty pence representing the
  5. balance remaining owing in respect of the principal money secured
  6. by the within written mortgage together with all the interest and costs
  7. the payment having been made by the within named borrower of
  8. Hickling in the County of Nottingham
  9. In witness whereof the Council have hereunto caused their common seal
  10. to be affixed this twenty seventh day of July
  11. One thousand nine hundred and seventy-two
  12. The Common Seal of the Council was
  13. pursuant to a Resolution of the
  14. Council affixed hereto in the presence of
  15. [Chairman and Deputy Clerk]


  • Original documents are fully typed – see notes, above.