Swanwick family

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Mr Herbert and Mrs Ethel Mary Swanwick.

In the Deeds for Old Mill Cottage (then known as Ivy Cottage), Mr and Mrs Swanwick are recorded as owners from 1930 to 1963 – before this, the couple lived at The Laurels, Hickling:

  • Herbert Swanwick born Q4 1874 (Bingham District) – mother’s maiden name, Simpson. Baptised 1st November 1874 in Cotgrave (parents Thomas and Ann Swanwick).
  • Census 1881 (Main Rd Cotgrave):
    • Thomas Swanwick age 50, 1831, Ag Lab – born Shelford, Notts
    • Ann Swanwick age 39, 1842 – born Cotgrave
    • George Swanwick, son, age 10, 1871 – born Cotgrave
    • Herbert Swanwick, son, age 6, 1875 – born Cotgrave
    • Mary Louisa Swanwick, daughter, age 4, 1877 – born Cotgrave
    • Emma Swanwick, granddaughter, age 6, 1875 – born Cotgrave
    • Sarah A Simpson, niece, age 0, 1881 – born Cotgrave.
  • Marriage record: Herbert Swanwick to Ethel Mary Plowman Q3 1904 (Loughborough District)
  • Census 1911 (158, Carlton Rd, Worksop);
    • Herbert Swanwick age 36, 1875, police constable – born Cotgrave
    • Ethel Mary Swanwick age 31, 1880 – born Asfordby, Leics
  • (Wadkin notes); “Mr Herbert Swanwick, a retired policeman, was engaged as a Special Constable in the village. He walked or cycled around at night to make sure there was not the slightest sign of a light showing.”
  • (Wadkin Archives – W0067 photograph); “Late 1940s/early 1950s Mr Swanwick can be seen carrying a bucket (possibly full of drinking water from a neighbour’s pump as mains water hadn’t arrived in Hickling) and entering his garden gate. During the war years he was the Special Constable for Hickling.”
  • (Wadkin Archives – W0470 photograph); Mrs Ethel Swanwick is pictured at a Mother’s Union event on the Rectory lawn, June 28th 1951.
  • Electoral Roll: Herbert Swanwick is first recorded in Hickling in 1928.
  • At the time of the conveyance in 1930, Mr Swanwick is living at The Laurels in Hickling.
  • 1939 Register: Main Street, Ivy Cottage (position in the order of the records places them at Old Mill Cottage)
    • Herbert Swanwick (born 5th September 1874) – pensioned police constable, now first police reserve
    • Ethel M Swanwick (born 1st January 1880) – unpaid domestic duties
  • Death record for Herbert Swanwick; 5th November 1950 (Hickling), age 76 – probate 18th January 1951:
    • Swanwick Herbert of Ivy Cottage Hickling Nottinghamshire died 5th November 1950 Probate Nottingham 16th January to Ethel Mary Swanwick widow and Ernest Edman Blanchard company director. Effects £1274.19s.7d.
  • Death record for Ethel Mary Swanwick; Q1 1966 (Basford District) age 86.
    • Ethel Swanwick left Ivy Cottage in c. 1963; on the conveyance her occupation is given as ‘Matron – care of the aged’ – her address is the same as her probate record.
    • Died 5th March 1966 in Beeston; probate 18th April 1966.
    • “Swanwick Ethel Mary of The Hassocks Queens Rd East Beeston Nottinghamshire died 3rd March 1966 Probate Nottingham 18th April to Ethel Amelia Blanchard married woman and David Spence Corder solicitor. £2815.”
Main St. towards the canal (late 1940s?)
Main St. towards the canal (late 1940s?)