Tizzard family

Please note: Family pages are organised by surname; however, this does not mean that all those people featured are related to each other. Where possible we will try to be clear about any connections there may be.

Mr Christopher and Mrs Gillian Tizzard.

Mr & Mrs Tizzard are recorded in property transactions for Old Mill Cottage (then known as Ivy Cottage) in 1963 and 1964:

1910 Finance Act map showing Basin, Main St & Mill Lane
1910 Finance Act map showing Basin, Main St & Mill Lane
  • Christopher John Tizzard and Gillian Mary Tizzard (formerly Gillian Mary Dixon).
    • Christopher John Tizzard of 26 Bridle Road Bramcote
    • Gillian Mary Dixon of the Pharmacy, Market Street, Bingham; this was a well-established, traditional, family-run pharmacy in Bingham which served all the surrounding villages for many years (at least until the 1980s) – Mr Dixon (senior) was very knowledgeable about canals and worked with the Grantham Canal Restoration Society in its early years. When Mr Dixon retired the premises were incorporated into Mees Electricals next door.
  • Whilst they lived at the property there were a number of changes:
    • ‘East gable to be provided with an inner skin to comply with the Council’s Byelaws’
    • ‘Hot water system bathroom and an internal WC to be provided’
    • A memorandum notes that in August 1972 a portion of land was conveyed to a neighbour, Mrs Margaret Zetta Barton; it is part of ‘rear garden’.
  • 5th November 1976 Mr and Mrs CJ Tizzard sell the property known as Ivy Cottage to Mr James Andrew and Mrs Sally Jane Farmer (Flintham, Newark).
    • At this time, Mr & Mrs Tizzard are said to be ‘of The Butty, Main Street, Hickling’; this is the property to the south of Ivy Cottage/Old Mill Cottage – now known as Carneal Cottage.
    • The current owners of Carneal Cottage bought the property (then known as ‘The Butty’) from Mr & Mrs Tizzard in 1979. Before Mr & Mrs Tizzard lived there it had been a smallholding owned by the Kerry family.
  • The 1910 Finance Act Map shows the extent of the Ivy Cottage/Old Mill Cottage property and the location of neighbouring properties before new houses were built in the 1970s.
    • 3 modern detached houses were built in the grounds of the Butty – one fronting Main Street (Cherry Trees) and two fronting Mill Lane (Mill Rise and Sa Mylna); it is believed that each plot sold for about £500 each.
    • It isn’t known whether it was Mr & Mrs Tizzard or their predecessors who developed these new houses.
    • Neither is it known how long Mr & Mrs Tizzard owned/lived at The Butty (at least from 1976-1979?); in 1979 The Butty was in very poor repair and the Tizzards may not have actually lived there for long, if at all.