Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1930 conveyance

1930 conveyance.


Old Mill Cottage: 1930 conveyance
Old Mill Cottage: 1930 conveyance
  • Conveyance dated 25th February 1930; the sale is made by Charles William Collishaw on behalf of the late William (Wharf) Collishaw.
  • The representatives of William Collishaw (deceased) sell the house to Mr Herbert Swanwick
  • The sum paid is £155 ‘in fee simple’ and without incumbrances; Mr Swanwick retains the right to access water from the pump at The Wharf (still owned by Mr JW Harriman).
  • Mr Swanwick was a retired police officer, he had been living at The Laurels in Hickling prior to this purchase.
  • The measurements of the site are slightly more precise than previously; ‘by estimation four hundred and sixty two square yards or thereabouts’.
    • The property is still occupied by Albert Barnett (‘for the time being’)
    • John Squires now occupies the property to the north and west
    • William Burnett now occupies the property to the south

Involved Individuals.

(see previous notes for the Collishaw connections and earlier)

Mr & Mrs Herbert Swanwick.

Main St. towards the canal (late 1940s?)
Main St. towards the canal (late 1940s?) Mr Swanwick can be seen carrying a bucket through his garden gate.
  • Herbert Swanwick born Q4 1874 (Bingham District) – mother’s maiden name, Simpson. Baptised 1st November 1874 in Cotgrave (parents Thomas and Ann Swanwick).
  • Census 1881 (Main Rd Cotgrave):
    • Thomas Swanwick age 50, 1831, Ag Lab – born Shelford, Notts
    • Ann Swanwick age 39, 1842 – born Cotgrave
    • George Swanwick, son, age 10, 1871 – born Cotgrave
    • Herbert Swanwick, son, age 6, 1875 – born Cotgrave
    • Mary Louisa Swanwick, daughter, age 4, 1877 – born Cotgrave
    • Emma Swanwick, granddaughter, age 6, 1875 – born Cotgrave
    • Sarah A Simpson, niece, age 0, 1881 – born Cotgrave.
  • Marriage record: Herbert Swanwick to Ethel Mary Plowman Q3 1904 (Loughborough District)
  • Census 1911 (158, Carlton Rd, Worksop);
    • Herbert Swanwick age 36, 1875, police constable – born Cotgrave
    • Ethel Mary Swanwick age 31, 1880 – born Asfordby, Leics
  • (Wadkin notes); “Mr Herbert Swanwick, a retired policeman, was engaged as a Special Constable in the village. He walked or cycled around at night to make sure there was not the slightest sign of a light showing.”
  • (Wadkin Archives – W0067 photograph); “Late 1940s/early 1950s Mr Swanwick can be seen carrying a bucket (possibly full of drinking water from a neighbour’s pump as mains water hadn’t arrived in Hickling) and entering his garden gate. During the war years he was the Special Constable for Hickling.”
  • (Wadkin Archives – W0470 photograph); Mrs Ethel Swanwick is pictured at a Mother’s Union event on the Rectory lawn, June 28th 1951.
  • Electoral Roll: Herbert Swanwick is first recorded in Hickling in 1928.
  • At the time of the conveyance in 1930, Mr Swanwick is living at The Laurels in Hickling.
  • 1939 Register: Main Street, Ivy Cottage (position in the order of the records places them at Old Mill Cottage)
    • Herbert Swanwick (born 5th September 1874) – pensioned police constable, now first police reserve
    • Ethel M Swanwick (born 1st January 1880) – unpaid domestic duties
  • Death record for Herbert Swanwick; 5th November 1950 (Hickling), age 76 – probate 18th January 1951:
    • Swanwick Herbert of Ivy Cottage Hickling Nottinghamshire died 5th November 1950 Probate Nottingham 16th January to Ethel Mary Swanwick widow and Ernest Edman Blanchard company director. Effects £1274.19s.7d.
  • Death record for Ethel Mary Swanwick; Q1 1966 (Basford District) age 86.
    • Ethel Swanwick left Ivy Cottage in c. 1963; on the conveyance her occupation is given as ‘Matron – care of the aged’ – her address is the same as her probate record.
    • Died 5th March 1966 in Beeston; probate 18th April 1966.
    • “Swanwick Ethel Mary of The Hassocks Queens Rd East Beeston Nottinghamshire died 3rd March 1966 Probate Nottingham 18th April to Ethel Amelia Blanchard married woman and David Spence Corder solicitor. £2815.”

Eleanor Fortune of Richmond in Surrey; witness to the conveyance – no connection found.



  1. Dated 25th February 1930
  2. The Personal representative
  3. of the late William Collishaw
  4. to
  5. Mr H Swanwick
  6. Conveyance
  7. of
  8. a freehold messuage or dwelling house
  9. in Main Street Hickling in the
  10. County of Nottingham.
  11. Hunt Dickens & Willatt
  12. Solicitors
  13. Nottingham

Page 1.

  1. Stamps 17/6
  2. This Conveyance
  3. is made the twenty fifth
  4. day of February One
  5. thousand nine hundred
  6. and thirty between Charles William Collishaw of 31,
  7. Lebanon Gardens Wandsworth in the County of London Chemist
  8. (hereinafter called ‘the vendor’) of the one part and Herbert
  9. Swanwick of The Laurels Hickling in the County of
  10. Nottingham Retired Police Officer (hereinafter called ‘the purchaser’)
  11. of the other part.
  12. Whereas William Collishaw (hereinafter referred to as the Testator)
  13. formerly of Hickling aforesaid but late of Owthorpe Cottage
  14. Cropwell Bishop in the said County of Nottingham Retired coal
  15. merchant was at the date of his death hereinafter recited
  16. seized of the property hereinafter described for an estate in fee
  17. simple in possession free from incumbrances.
  18. And whereas the Testator duly made his Will dated the
  19. twenty fifth day of March One thousand nine hundred and
  20. twenty four whereby he appointed the vendor and James Wright
  21. Collishaw of Hickling aforesaid to be the executors thereof.
  22. And Whereas the said Testator did on the Twenty first day
  23. of September One thousand nine hundred and twenty nine
  24. without having altered or revoked his said Will which was
  25. duly proved at the Nottingham District Probate Registry on the
  26. fourteenth day of November One thousand nine hundred and
  27. twenty nine by both the executors therein named.
  28. And Whereas the said James Wright Collishaw died on the
  29. eleventh day of January One thousand nine hundred and thirty.
  30. And Whereas the vendor as the personal representative of
  31. the testator has agreed with the purchaser for the sale to him
  32. of the property hereinafter described for an estate in fee simple
  33. in possession free from incumbrances at the price of one hundred
  34. and fifty five pounds.
  35. And Whereas the vendor has not (nor have the vendor and
  36. the said James Wright Collishaw together) given or made any
  37. assent or conveyance in respect of a legal estate in the said
  38. property prior to the execution of this deed.
  39. Now This Deed Witnesseth as follows:-
  40. In pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration
  41. Of the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Five Pounds now
  42. Paid by the purchaser to the vendor (the receipt of which sum
  43. The vendor hereby acknowledges) the vendor as Personal

Page 2:

  1. Representative of the testator and in exercise of the power for
  2. this purpose conferred upon him by the statute in that behalf
  3. and of every other power him enabling hereby conveys unto the
  4. purchase.
  5. And This messuage or tenement with the outbuildings yard and
  6. garden thereto adjoining and belonging situate at Hickling in
  7. the County of Nottingham and containing by estimation four
  8. hundred and sixty two square yards or thereabouts and now in
  9. the occupation of Albert Barnett and bounded on or towards
  10. the East by the Town Street on or towards the north by
  11. property formerly of George Henry Collishaw but now of John
  12. Squires on or towards the west by property formerly of the
  13. said George Henry Collishaw but now of John Squires and on
  14. or towards the south by property formerly of John Magson
  15. but now of William Burnett.
  16. Together with a right for the purchaser as the owner of
  17. the dwelling house hereby conveyed and the tenant for the time
  18. being of the said dwelling house to enter upon the hereditaments
  19. of John William Harriman situate on the opposite side of
  20. the Town Street at all times hereafter for the purpose of
  21. taking water from the pump standing and being upon the
  22. said hereditaments of the same John William Harriman.
  23. To hold the same unto the purchaser in fee simple.
  24. 2. The vendor hereby acknowledges the right of the purchaser
  25. to production and delivery of copies of the probate of the Will
  26. of the testator dated the fourteenth day of November one
  27. thousand nine hundred and twenty nine.
  28. 3. It is hereby certified that the transaction hereby effected
  29. does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of
  30. transactions in respect of which the amount or value or the
  31. aggregate amount or value of the consideration exceeds five hundred pounds.
  32. In witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto
  33. set their hands and seals the day and year before written
  34. Signed sealed and delivered by
  35. The before named Charles William         }
  36. Collishaw in the presence of                    }
  37. Eleanor Fortune                                        }             CW Collishaw (signature)
  38. 33, [Somerton] Avenue Richmond Surrey}
  39. Widow                                                        }