Barnett Barnet family

Please note: Family pages are organised by surname; however, this does not mean that all those people featured are related to each other. Where possible we will try to be clear about any connections there may be.

Thomas and Joseph Barnett of Hickling Pastures

In 1838 the property now known as Old Mill Cottage (opposite The Wharf in Hickling village) records a mortgage held by Joseph Barnett and whilst researching the transaction the following brief details were collated:

Census 1841: Joseph Barnett is listed on Hickling Pastures as a farmer (age 45 b. 1796). He is in a household with Thomas Barnett (farmer, age 50 b.1791); Mary Spittle (age 50, female servant) and Elizabeth Tinkler (age 30, female servant).

  • Thomas Barnett of Hickling died 1826 leaving an estate of £600; possible father of Thomas and Joseph.
  • Thomas and Joseph would appear to be bachelor brothers.
  • Census 1851: Thomas & Joseph Barnett are recorded in Keyworth as retired farmers with Elizabeth Tinkler still in the household.
  • Thomas Barnett died in 1855 leaving an estate valued at £300.
  • Marriage record for Joseph Barnett and Elizabeth Tinkler in Keyworth; 5th August 1856.
  • Census 1861: Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Tinkler) Barnett are recorded in Keyworth.
  • Possible death record for Joseph Barnett in 1867 (Bingham District).

Albert Barnett:

In 1922 the same property (Old Mill Cottage) records a tenant named Albert Barnett at the property:

W1211a Yew Tree House (1920s)
W1211a Yew Tree House (1920s); Mr and Mrs Albert Barnett.
  • This assignment document (July 1922) and the conveyance of The Wharf to JW Harriman (also in July 1922) places Albert Barnett at Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage; however, the Wadkin Archives place him with his wife at Yew Tree House from the mid-1920s.
  • Wadkin Archive W1096; photograph of Leonard Hickling with his wife Ada (outside Rose Cottage) and Mrs Albert Barnett (of Yew Tree House)
  • Wadkin Archive W1211; photograph of Mr & Mrs Albert Barnett outside their home, Yew Tree House – labelled mid-1920s.
  • Otherwise, records are unclear for Albert Barnett in Hickling.
  • Possible birth and census records in Widmerpool indicating a birth date of 1886
  • No marriage record found (his wife’s name is needed for clarification).
  • Electoral Registers place Albert Barnett in Hickling between 1921 and 1925