Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1930 abstract of title

1930 abstract of title.


Old Mill Cottage: 1930 abstract of title
Old Mill Cottage: 1930 abstract of title
  • The abstract begins with the purchase of the property by Betsy Collishaw from Mary Ann Wiles in 1885 (also referring back to the mortgage of 1838)
    • The abstract states that the mortgage had been in default which is the cause of the sale to Mary Ann Wiles in 1861.
  • Details of Betsy Collishaw’s Will and Codicil in 1918 are given; the property is then occupied by Miss Mary White.
    • Some specific bequests
    • Executors William Collishaw and James Wright Collishaw
    • Beneficiary William Collishaw
  • Betsy Collishaw died in March 1921 and probate is proved in June 1921.
  • 29th July 1922: following probate the property is assigned to William Collishaw.
    • Tenant at this time is Albert Barnett.
  • 25th March 1924; Will of William Collishaw now living at Owthorpe Cottage, Cropwell Bishop
    • Executors are James Wright Collishaw and ‘his nephew Charles William Collishaw of 31 Lebanon Gardens, Wandsworth in the County of London Chemist’
    • The Wharf property was sold by a conveyance dated 28th July 1921 to JW Harriman ‘in fee simple’ with access to the water pump retained as a right for tenants of Old Mill Cottage.
  • William Collishaw died 21st September 1929 and Probate was proved in November 1929.
  • James Wright Collishaw died in Hickling 11th January 1930.

Involved Individuals:

(see previous notes accompanying earlier transactions)

Charles William Collishaw:

  • ‘his nephew Charles William Collishaw of 31 Lebanon Gardens, Wandsworth in the County of London Chemist’
    • Following the death of James Wright Collishaw on the 11th January 1930, the property is sold by Charles William Collishaw to Mr Swanwick by conveyance dated 25th February 1930.
  • Charles William Collishaw; baptised 25th December 1887 Wandsworth All Saints, Surrey – parents John and Catherine May (Fox) Collishaw. John Collishaw is a chemist.
    • His death record gives his birth date as 11th November 1887.
    • John Collishaw (chemist) was born in Hickling and was the brother of William (Wharf) Collishaw. He moved to London sometime before 1880 when his eldest daughter is born in Islington.
  • Census 1891 (16, High Street, Wandsworth, London & Surrey):
    • John Collishaw age 44, 1847, chemist – born Hickling
    • Katherine Mary Collishaw age 38, 1853 – born Limehouse, Middlesex
    • Katherine Annie Collishaw age 11, 1880, scholar – born Islington, Middlesex
    • John Henry Collishaw age 8, 1883, scholar – born Wandsworth, London, Middlesex
    • Edith Beatrice Collishaw age 5, 1886 – born Wandsworth, London, Middlesex
    • Charles William Collishaw age 3, 1888 – born Wandsworth, London, Middlesex
    • Ellen Marie Burton, domestic servant, age 17, 1874 – born Amersham, Buckinghamshire
  • Census 1901 (16, High Street, Wandsworth):
    • John Collishaw age 54, 1847, chemist – born Hickling
    • Katherine M Collishaw age 48, 1853 – born Limehouse, Middlesex
    • Katherine A Collishaw age 21, 1880, Telegraphist – born Islington, Middlesex
    • John H Collishaw age 18, 1883, boy copyist – born Wandsworth, London, Middlesex
    • Edith B Collishaw age 15, 1886 – born Wandsworth, London, Middlesex
    • Charles W Collishaw age 13, 1888 – born Wandsworth, London, Middlesex
  • WWI: Charles William Collishaw served as a Sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps Territorial Force from 1914-1920 (medal card available from the National Archives).
    • He enlisted on the 13th November 1912 and was discharged on the 11th May 1919.
  • Marriage record; Charles W Collishaw to Dorothea Wade Q2 1920 in Wandsworth, London
  • London Gazette 13th September 1927:
    • Re the estate of Charlotte Isabella Fox, Deceased. Pursuant to the Trustees Act 1925, section twenty-seven. Notice is hereby given, that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against the estate of Charlotte Isabella Fox, late of 72, Holmesdale road, Reigate, in the county of Surrey, Widow, who died on the 24th day of June, 1927, and whose will was proved at the Principal Probate Registry on the 25th day of August, 1927, by John Henry Collishaw of 5, Richmond Rd, Wanstead, in the County of Essex, Bank official and Charles William Collishaw of 16, High Street, Wandsworth in the county of Surrey, Chemist the executors named in the said Will are hereby required to send the particulars in writing of their claims and demands to the undersigned the Solicitors for the said executors on or before the twenty-first day of November, 1927, after which date the said executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands of which they shall then have had notice; and will not be liable for the assets of the deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any persons of whose claims or demands they shall not then have had notice. – Dated this 6th day of September 1927. Martin and Nicholson of 29, Queen Street, London, EC4 Solicitors to the said Executors.
    • (this is likely to be their grandmother on their mother’s side of the family)
  • Kelly’s Directory 1937 (Higham, Norfolk); Collishaw, Charles William, dispensing chemist and pharmacist, wine, spirit and ale merchant.
  • 1939 Register; Bond Street, Hingham, Norfolk (surname mis-spelt/transcribed as Collisham)
    • Charles W Collishaw; 11th November 1887, Retail Chemist (own account)
    • Dorothea Collishaw; 2nd January 1889, unpaid domestic duties
    • Charles H Collishaw; 2nd February 1921, chemist assistant
    • + one closed record
  • Death record: Charles William Collishaw – born 11th November 1887, died Q1 1977 in Norwich, Norfolk. Died 15th February 1977, probate 25th March 1977.
    • Collishaw, Charles William of 1, Hall Moor Rd. Hingham, Norwich died 15th February 1977 Probate Ipswich 25th March £481 771100918U



  1. Abstract of the Title
  2. of
  3. The Personal Representative of the
  4. late William Collishaw to a freehold
  5. messuage and hereditaments situate
  6. at Hickling in the County of
  7. Nottingham
  8. Hunt Dickins & Willatt
  9. Solicitors
  10. Nottingham

Page 1:

  1. Abstract of the Title
  2. of
  3. The Personal Representative of the late William Collishaw
  4. to a freehold messuage and hereditaments situate at Hickling
  5. in the County of Nottingham
  6. 3rd January 1885
  7. Indenture made between Mary Ann Wiles of Hickling in the County of Nottingham Spinster of
  8. the one part and Betsy Collishaw the wife of William Collishaw of Hickling aforesaid
  9. Farmer of the other part.
  10. Reciting that by an Inenture dated the 28th July 1838 and made between John
  11. Mason and Mary his wife of the one part Ann Wright of the second part William
  12. Wiles and Elizabeth his wife of the third part the said William Wiles of the
  13. fourth part and Joseph Barnett of the fifth part the hereditaments hereinafter
  14. described were granted and released unto and to the use of the said Joseph
  15. Barnett his heirs and assigns for ever subject to a proviso therein contained
  16. for redemption of the said hereditaments on payment by the said Wm. Wiles his
  17. heirs executors administrators or assigns unto the said Joseph Barnett
  18. of the sum of £70 with interest thereon at the rate of £5. Per centum per annum on the 28th
  19. January then next And by the Indenture then in recital it was declared that it
  20. should be lawful for the said Joseph Barnett his executors administrators or assigns without
  21. any further consent or concurrence of the said Wm. Wiles his heirs or assigns to
  22. make sale and absolutely dispose of the said hereditaments thereby released or
  23. intended so to be with the appurtenances and the fee simple and the inheritance
  24. thereof by public auction or private contract and for such price or prices as at
  25. the time of such sale or sales could be reasonably gotten for the same and to
  26. receive and take the purchase money for the said hereditaments and premises and
  27. sign and give receipts for the same which receipts should to all intents discharge
  28. the person or persons paying the money therein expressed to be received from all
  29. liability to see to the application and all responsibility for or on account of
  30. the misapplication or nonapplication of the same money or any part thereof and
  31. from all necessity of ascertaining or enquiring whether such sale or sales was
  32. or were necessary.
  33. And Reciting by an Indenture dated the 10th April 1861 and made between the said
  34. Joseph Barnett of the one part and the said Mary Ann Wiles of the other part
  35. after reciting that the said sum of £70 together with £2.9.0. for interest thereon
  36. and £5.3.0. for costs was then owing to the said J. Barnett on the last hereinbefore
  37. recited security it was witnessed that the said J. Barnett in consideration of
  38. £77.12.0. paid to him by the said Mary Ann Wiles did assign the said sum of
  39. £70 then owing on the security of the thereinbefore recited indenture and all interest
  40. then due and thenseforth to accrue due for the same unto the said Mary Ann Wiles

Page 2:

  1. her executors administrators and assigns absolutely and did grant and convey the
  2. hereditaments comprised in the thereinbefore recited indenture unto and to the use of
  3. Mary Ann Wiles her heirs and assigns subject to the equity of redemption
  4. subsisting therein under or by virtue of the thereinbefore recited indenture
  5. And reciting that the said principal sum of £77.12.0. was still owing to the said
  6. Mary Ann Wiles upon the security of the thereinbefore indentures but all interest
  7. thereon had been paid up to the date of these presents.
  8. And Reciting Agreement for sale
  9. It was witnessed that in consideration of £59 to the said Mary Ann Wiles paid by the
  10. said Betsy Collishaw (receipt acknowledged) the said Mary Ann Wiles as mortgagee thereby conveyed
  11. unto the said Betsy Collishaw.
  12. All that messuage or tenement with the outbuildings yard
  13. garden and appurtenances thereunto adjoining and belonging site
  14. standing and being at Hickling aforesaid containing by
  15. estimation 462 square yards or thereabouts formerly in
  16. tenure or occupation of the said William Wiles and then of the
  17. said Mary Ann Wiles and bounded towards the East by the
  18. Town Street towards the North and West by premises of
  19. George Henry Collishaw and towards the south by premises of
  20. John Magson.
  21. To hold the same unto and
  22. To the use of Betsy Collishaw in fee simple
  23. Executed by the said Mary Ann Wiles and duly attested.
  24. 15th April 1918.
  25. Will of the said Betsy Collishaw whereby after appointing her said husband William Collishaw
  26. and James Wright Collishaw of Hickling aforesaid Farmer to be the executors of that her Will
  27. and after making certain specific bequests the said Testatrix gave and devised to her
  28. said husband his heirs executors administrators and assigns the freehold cottage site in Main
  29. Street Hickling aforesaid then in the occupation of Miss Mary White.
  30. 20th April 1918.
  31. Codicil to the said Will of Betsy Collishaw which did not affect the appointment of executors
  32. therein named nor the specific devise to her said husband as hereinbefore abstracted.
  33. 20th March 1921.
  34. The said Betsy Collishaw died.
  35. 8th June 1921.
  36. The said Will and Codicil proved in the Nottingham Probate Registry by both the
  37. Executors therein named.

Page 3.

  1. 29th July 1922
  2. Assent whereby the said William Collishaw and James Wright Collishaw being the executors
  3. of the said Will and Codicil of the said Betsy Collishaw deceased thereby assented to the
  4. devise to the said William Collishaw of messuage dwelling house and hereditaments situate
  5. in Main Street Hickling aforesaid than formerly in the occupation of Miss Mary White
  6. but then of Albert Barnett subject to the covenants conditions and stipulations affecting
  7. the same.
  8. Signed by both parties
  9. 25th March 1924
  10. Will of the said William Collishaw then of Owthorpe Cottage, Cropwell Bishop, Notts.,
  11. Retired coal merchant whereby he appointed his nephew Charles William Collishaw of 31
  12. Lebanon Gardens, Wandsworth in the County of London Chemist and the said James Wright
  13. Collishaw to be the executors thereof.
  14. 21st September 1929
  15. The said William Collishaw died
  16. 14th November 1929
  17. Will proved in the Nottingham District Probate Registry by both the Executors therein named.
  18. 11th January 1930
  19. The said James Wright Collishaw died at Hickling aforesaid
  20. Memorandum. That by a conveyance dated the 28th July 1921 and made between the said
  21. William Collishaw of the one part and John William Harriman of Hickling aforesaid Farmer
  22. of the other part the said William Collishaw (who was then the owner of the property site
  23. opposite the cottage the subject of this abstract on the other side of the Town Street)
  24. conveyed the said property to the said JW Harriman in fee simple and the Conveyance
  25. contained a reservation in favour of the vendor (W Collishaw) in the following terms:-
  26. “Reserving nevertheless unto the Vendor as the owner of a cottage now in the occupation
  27. of Albert Barnett fronting the Village Street and opposite the property hereby conveyed and
  28. the tenant for the time being of the said cottage to enter upon the said hereditaments
  29. at all times hereafter for the purpose of taking water from the Pump standing and being upon the
  30. said hereditaments hereby conveyed.”