Belvoir Angels: pages updated & expanded

The Belvoir Angel headstones are amongst our most distinctive and intriguing village artefacts; in recent weeks we have been working on updating the Belvoir Angel webpages and there is lots of new material to explore:

  • Belvoir Angels: general page including their style and history plus links to research, photos and a complete database of Angels across the Vale.
  • The Hickling Belvoir Angel Headstones: All about the Hickling headstones plus the story of the re-discovery of a 34th headstone which we thought had been lost – it is tiny and rather sad but also very beautiful.
  • The Cobblestones Angel: The story of a headstone found buried in a local garden and the hunt for the original stonemasons.
  • Angels but no Angels: The headstones which have all the right characteristics but which have no angel carvings.

We hope you enjoy exploring!