Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage:1976 Conveyance.

1976 Conveyance.


1910 Finance Act map showing Basin, Main St & Mill Lane
1910 Finance Act map showing Basin, Main St & Mill Lane
  • 5th November 1976 Mr and Mrs CJ Tizzard sell the property known as Ivy Cottage to Mr James Andrew and Mrs Sally Jane Farmer (Flintham, Newark).
    • The property is sold for £12,750.
    • Mr & Mrs Tizzard are said to be ‘of The Butty, Main Street, Hickling’; this is the property to the south of Ivy Cottage/Old Mill Cottage – now known as Carneal Cottage.
    • The current owners of Carneal Cottage bought the property (then known as ‘The Butty’) from Mr & Mrs Tizzard in 1979. Before Mr & Mrs Tizzard lived there it had been a smallholding owned by the Kerry family.
  • The 1910 Finance Act Map shows the extent of the Ivy Cottage/Old Mill Cottage property and the location of neighbouring properties before new houses were built in the 1970s.
    • Mr & Mrs Tizzard sold the rear garden of Old Mill Cottage in 1972; it now belongs to Canal View to the north.
    • At some point in the 1970s (possibly around the time of the 1976 conveyance), Mr & Mrs Tizzard moved next door to the Butty (now Carneal House).
    • Also at this time 3 modern detached houses were built in the grounds of the Butty – one fronting Main Street (Cherry Trees) and two fronting Mill Lane (Mill Rise and Sa Mylna); it is believed that each plot sold for about £500 each.
      • It isn’t known whether it was Mr & Mrs Tizzard or their predecessors who developed these new houses.
      • Neither is it known how long Mr & Mrs Tizzard lived at The Butty (at least from 1976-1979?); it is possible that Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage was rented at some point (for example, the mortgage was repaid in 1972); however, in 1979 The Butty was in very poor repair and the Tizzards may not have actually lived there for long, if at all.
  • For the first time, this conveyance includes a Land Registry stamp; ER HM Land Registry – freehold title registered. Title number NT 71890.
  • The Conveyance specifies that Main Street was formerly known as Town Street.



  1. Dated 5th November 1976
  2. Mr & Mrs CJ Tizzard
  3. to
  4. Mr & Mrs JA Farmer
  5. Conveyance
  6. of
  7. Freehold messuage &
  8. premises situate and
  9. known as Ivy Cottage
  10. Main Street Hickling
  11. in the County of
  12. Nottingham
  13. Larken & Co
  14. Newark
  15. Notts


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