Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1838 – insurance agreement document.

Following the death of Susannah Dickman in January 1838 a number of transactions take place in settlement of the Estate:

  • 1838: abstract from Parish Registers.
  • 1838: attornment – William Wiles to Joseph Barnett.
  • 1838: declaration.
  • 1838: lease document (27th July 1838).
  • 1838 mortgage document (28th July 1838).
  • 1838: insurance agreement document (28th July 1838).

1838 Insurance Agreement document

1838: insurance agreement document.

Old Mill Cottage: 1838 fire insurance
Old Mill Cottage: 1838 fire insurance
  • William Wiles, having mortgaged the property to Joseph Barnett, agrees to insure the property against loss or damage by fire for £50.
  • This seems to be a hastily drawn up document which has been amended twice; (1) to specify insurance against fire and (2) to amend the proposed insured amount from seventy to fifty pounds.
  • This document is an agreement to insure, not an insurance document per se.


28th July 1838.

  1. Agreement by Mr
  2. William Wiles to
  3. insure messuage
  4. and premises at
  5. Hickling in the
  6. County of Nottingham
  7. [in] the sum of £50.
  1. William Wiles of Hickling in the County
  2. of Nottingham yeoman hereby agree with
  3. Joseph Barnett of Hickling aforesaid farmer
  4. to insure [inserted & initialled by witness] against loss or damage by fire the messuage and premises situate
  5. at Hickling aforesaid now in my own
  6. occupation (and which by an indenture this
  7. day executed I have mortgaged to him for
  8. securing £70 and interest) in the sum of
  9. seventy [initialled by witness, scored through & amended to] fifty pounds at least. Witness my
  10. hand twenty eighth day of July 1838.
  11. Witness.
  12. Mr Enfield                        William Wiles