Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1838 – attornment document

Following the death of Susannah Dickman in January 1838 a number of transactions take place in settlement of the Estate:

  • 1838: abstract from Parish Registers.
  • 1838: attornment – William Wiles to Joseph Barnett.
  • 1838: declaration.
  • 1838: lease document (27th July 1838).
  • 1838 mortgage document (28th July 1838).
  • 1838: insurance agreement document (28th July 1838).

1838 – attornment document:


Old Mill Cottage: 1838 attornment
Old Mill Cottage: 1838 attornment
  • Joseph Barnett lends William Wiles £70 to purchase the cottage; this is a mortgage agreement whereby William Wiles pays 5% pa rent for the lifetime of the mortgage.
  • William Wiles, Census 1841 – there are two records for William Wiles in Hickling:
    • The mortgagee is: William Wiles (agricultural labourer age 45 b.1796, Stapleford, Leics); Elizabeth Wiles (age 45 b.1796, born Hickling); Mary Wiles (age 15 b.1826); Thomas Wiles (age 14 b.1827).
      • William Wiles (age 20, b.1821, Hickling) as a man servant in the household of Bridget Daft (age 70) and her two sons, George (age 30), Thomas (age 25); this is the son of the above family and he is back in the household in the 1851 census as a labourer.
    • William Wiles married Elizabeth Dickman in Melton Mowbray on 25th November 1813 – both were resident in Sysonby at the time.
      • They have 7 children; John (died as a baby), George*, William, Elizabeth Anne, Mary Anne, Thomas and John.  
    • Elizabeth Dickman is the eldest daughter of John and Susannah Dickman born 1790 (indenture 1805 and extract from Parish registers 1838) although her birth date in the 1841 census is given as 1796 and in 1851 as 1792.
    • (see also records for Glebe Cottage; George* and Martha Wiles)
  • Joseph Barnett, Census 1841:
    • Joseph Barnett is listed on Hickling Pastures as a farmer (age 45 b. 1796). He is in a household with Thomas Barnett (farmer, age 50 b.1791); Mary Spittle (age 50, female servant) and Elizabeth Tinkler (age 30, female servant).
    • Thomas Barnett of Hickling died 1826 leaving an estate of £600; possible father of Thomas and Joseph.
    • Thomas and Joseph would appear to be bachelor brothers.
    • Census 1851: Thomas & Joseph Barnett are recorded in Keyworth as retired farmers with Elizabeth Tinkler still in the household.
    • Thomas Barnett died in 1855 leaving an estate valued at £300.
    • Marriage record for Joseph Barnett and Elizabeth Tinkler in Keyworth; 5th August 1856.
    • Census 1861: Joseph and Elizabeth (nee Tinkler) Barnett are recorded in Keyworth.
    • Possible death record for Joseph Barnett in 1867 (Bingham District).
  • William Wiles is the son-in-law of John and Susannah Dickman and husband of their eldest daughter, Elizabeth. John Dickman died in 1820 and Susannah died in 1838. They lived in the cottage now known as Old Mill Cottage (end-on cottage opposite the Wharf) from at least 1838.


  1. 28th July 1838
  2. Attornment of Mr
  3. William Wiles to Mr
  4. Joseph [Barnett]
  5. I William Wiles of Hickling in the County
  6. of Nottingham yeoman for the better securing
  7. the interest of the sum of seventy pounds
  8. advanced and lent me by Joseph [Barnett]
  9. of Hickling aforesaid farmer on mortgage
  10. of a messuage garden and premises situate
  11. at Hickling aforesaid now in my own
  12. occupation this day executed do hereby
  13. attorn and become tenant thereof to the
  14. said Joseph Barnett his heirs and assigns
  15. at the yearly rent of five pounds to be
  16. paid half yearly that is to say on the
  17. twenty eighth day of January and the
  18. twenty eight day of July in every year during
  19. so long time as the said sum of seventy pounds
  20. shall remain due upon the said security.
  21. Witness my hand this twenty eight
  22. day of July 1838.
  23. William Wiles
  24. Witness: Wm Enfield