Home Farm & Cottages (including Ivy Cottage)/Peet’s Yard.

Katherine Wiles with Eva at Home Farm c.1920 (Norton family)
Katherine Wiles with Eva at Home Farm c.1920 (Norton family)
Home Farm c.1950 - (Norton family)
Home Farm c.1950 – (Norton family)

The Norton Family have kindly provided detail of the Wiles family and their time at Glebe Cottage and Home Farm:

The Wiles children (from left to right, Marjory, Thomas, Dorothy, Sarah (known as Addie) and Fred) born at Glebe Cottage (Norton family)
The Wiles children (from left to right, Marjory, Thomas, Dorothy, Sarah (known as Addie) and Fred) born at Glebe Cottage (Norton family)
  • A photograph (below) of George and Martha Wiles at the gate of the thatched cottage.
  • “My great grandparents George and Martha Wiles both worked at the Rectory for Canon Skelton. Martha came with the Skeltons as a cook from Belper where her father John Millward was a nail maker. After their marriage, George went to work on the railway at Syston (photograph, below, George is the third in on the front row wearing the white shirt).”
  • “During this time, Thomas was born then they moved back to the village when their second son was born. It is not known where they were living unless it was the church cottage as the pictures show.”
  • George and Martha’s son Thomas and Katherine Doubleday were married in 1904 and lived there until approximately 1916; there is a photograph of Katherine Wiles holding her first born child, Kitty, who sadly died aged 4.
  • “After losing Kitty, they went on to have 6 more children – the 5 shown in the picture below were all born at Glebe Cottage. They are, from left to right, Marjory, Thomas, Dorothy, Sarah (known as Addie) and Fred. The youngest Eva (my mother) was born at Home Farm in 1917.”
  • There is a further earlier photograph of Dorothy and Marjory outside the Glebe Cottage.
  • “When the family moved up to Home Farm, Thomas still continued to farm Glebe land. William Marriott (Bill) along with his wife and family lived in Glebe cottage during the 1940s and 50s whilst working for Thomas who was still farming the Glebe land. After the death of Thomas in January 1963, his son Fred took over the Glebe land until it passed on to Rev Harwood.”
  • Additional photographs show:
    • Katherine Wiles holding her youngest child Eva c.1920 outside Home Farm.
    • An aerial view of Home Farm in approx 1950 (during renovations); “As can be seen by the double roof, whilst undergoing modernisation, it was found that the rear part of the main house was much older than the front. To get to the back door, you had to go through a series of cheese rooms. Katherine was making Stilton Cheese on the premises and there was a large whey cistern at the back of the property. The pair of cottages attached to the main house were occupied during the 1940s by my parents, Richard and Eva Peet in one and Tom and Bessie Timms.”
    • “Picture (from left to right) of Tom Wiles Jnr, Tom Wiles Snr, John Wadkin, Fred Wiles, George Wiles – at this time they were all still hand milking the cows at the cow sheds at Glebe Farm.”
    • Photograph; “Making a hay stack at Home Farm – from left to right, Fred Wiles, John Watkin, Tom Wiles Snr, George Wiles and Bill Marriott on the top, Tom Wiles Jnr.”
  • “But we do know that in latter years, they lived in the small cottage at the back of Jasmine Cottage as we have numerous pictures of them there.” Referenced as the End Cottage they lived in the half which bordered the churchyard (now Jasmine or Jessamine Cottage) – a picture of it during later renovations is shown, below.
  • “In the latter days, George worked alongside his son on the (Home) farm. George died in 1930 and Martha in 1931.”
Aerial photograph of Home Farm (undated/Norton family)
Aerial photograph of Home Farm (undated/Norton family): Beech House is next door; the old School House and part of the Chapel can be seen on the right of the photograph.

From the Wadkin Archives:

Wnews8 1973to04051979 (183)
Wnews8 1973to04051979 (183)