Hodson family

Please note: Family pages are organised by surname; however, this does not mean that all those people featured are related to each other. Where possible we will try to be clear about any connections there may be.

Charles and Mary-Anne Hodson (in Hickling 1879 – 1933)

The present owners of Holly House (previously Hodson’s Yard – see link, above) gave access to a bundle of property documents which led to a more detailed look at its owners; in this case:

W0998 Hodson's Yard 1965
W0998 Hodson’s Yard 1965
  • Mary-Anne Hodson (formerly Corner and Smith, nee Whittaker) who moved to Hickling in 1879 on her marriage to Robert Corner (Mary Anne died in 1912 aged 85).
  • Charles Hodson originally came from Northamptonshire and he is first listed in Hickling as a bricklayer’s labourer (age 21) when he marries Mary Anne Corner in 1889 (Charles died in 1933).
  • Both Charles and Mary-Anne were childless.
  • Also; Mary Jane Hodson (sister of Charles)


  • (see Hodson’s Yard – family connections for the wider Corner family)
  • Census 1871:
    • Robert Corner (age 56, born 1815 in Hickling, cordwainer) and his (first) wife, Ann (age 51, born 1820 in Broughton, Notts) listed at ‘Corner’s Yard’ opposite The Green.
  • Feb 19th 1879: Robert Corner’s first wife Ann, dies (age 59).
  • Dec 29th 1879: Robert Corner remarries – Mary Anne Smith of Long Clawson (widow, nee Whitaker) – see fire insurance doc 1911/14.
  • Census 1881:
    • Robert Corner (age 66, born 1815 in Hickling, shoemaker) and his wife, Ann (age 52, born 1829 in Nether Broughton, Notts)
  • 14th Aug 1888: Robert Corner buried Hickling churchyard (with his first wife, Ann).
  • Mary Ann Corner (formerly Smith, nee Whittaker) is appointed sole executor and beneficiary at probate (see Robert Corner’s probate documents 1888 which includes further detail of Robert Corner’s two marriages).
  • 1889: Robert Corner’s widow Mary Anne Corner remarries: Charles Hodson (see fire insurance docs 1911/14). There are no children from either of Robert Corner’s marriages and the Corner’s Yard property moves into the Hodson family.

Mary Ann Corner/Hodson (formerly Smith, nee Whittaker of Long Clawson):

Hodson's Yard: Probate records for Robert Corner
Hodson’s Yard: Probate records for Robert Corner
  • Spellings vary: Witaker/Whitaker/Whittaker
  • 24th Dec 1826: baptism of Mary Ann Whitaker – parents William and Sarah (her birth date is given as 19th September 1826 on her gravestone in 1914).
  • Census 1841 (Nether Broughton): Mary Whitaker (age 14) in the household of her parents William & Sarah (both age 35) with siblings, Harriett (age 12) and Sarah (age 3).
  • Mary Anne Whitaker (age 22)marries Freeman Smith in 1848. A record of Banns 29th Oct 1848 between Mary Anne Whitaker of Nether Broughton and Freeman Smith of Long Clawson.
  • Marriage record; Nether Broughton 23rd Nov 1848. Mary Anne’s father is William Whittaker. Freeman Smith’s father (of Long Clawson) is John Smith.
  • Census 1851 Long Clawson): 2 in householdFreeman Smith (age 28, b.1823 Knipton, Leics, agricultural labourer) and Mary A Smith (age 25, b.1826, Nether Broughton, laceworker).
  • Census 1861 (Long Clawson): 2 in household – Freeman Smith (age 38, b.1823 Kingston, Leics, agricultural labourer) and Mary A Smith (age 38, b.1823, Nether Broughton, worker of figures on lace).
  • Census 1871 (Long Clawson): 2 in household – Freeman Smith (age 48, b.1823 Knipton, Leics, agricultural labourer) and Mary A Smith (age 43, b. 1826, Nether Broughton, no occupation listed).
  • 3rd February 1879: burial record for Freeman Smith, Long Clawson.
  • Feb 19th 1879: Robert Corner’s first wife, Ann Corner (nee Wild) dies aged 59yrs – she is buried with Robert Corner in Hickling Churchyard.
  • Dec 29th 1879: Robert Corner (age 64)marries Mary Anne Smith (age 53) of Long Clawson (widow, nee Whitaker) – see also Robert Corner Probate 1888.
  • On the marriage certificate:
    • Both Robert and Mary Anne are recorded as widowed
    • Robert (widowed) is a shoemaker of Hickling and his father, Joseph, is deceased (1862).
    • Mary Anne Smith (widowed) is of Long Clawson and her father is William Whitaker, cattle dealer.
  • Robert Corner dies in 1888 and Mary Ann Corner is his sole executor and beneficiary.
  • 1889: a marriage is recorded between Charles Hodson (bricklayer’s labourer, age 21) and Mary Ann Corner (age 63).
  • Census records in Hickling:
    • 1881 (Mary Ann Corner) – age 52 b.1829
    • 1891 (Mary Ann Hodson) – age 63
    • 1901 (Mary Ann Hodson) – age 74
    • 1911 (Mary Ann Hodson) – age 84
  • The Grantham Journal published an article following her death:
Mary Anne Hodson (1914) Charles Hodson (1933)
Mary Anne Hodson (1914) Charles Hodson (1933)

“Death Mary Anne, wife of Charles Hodson early Wednesday week aged 87. Been married twice previously, “of a remarkably cheerful disposition and of wonderful vitality”.  To about two years ago able to get about though very feeble. September 1912 broke three ribs and injured an eye but recovered, but then in August she fell and broke her shoulder and never regained strength after this.”

Charles Hodson:


CHARLES HODSON died 23rd April 1933 aged 65yrs

also Mary Ann, wife of Charles born 19th September 1826 died 17th June 1914

‘in loving memory of Mary Anne, wife of Charles Hodson, born Sept 19th 1826, died June 17 1914

I know that me redeemer liveth

also Charles, the beloved husband of the above, died April 23rd 1933 aged 65yrs’


Charles Hodson was not a native of Hickling. He was baptised in King’s Cliffe, Northamptonshire, one of at least 6 children born to Daniel and Jane Hodson.

In the 1871 census Charles is living with his parents in Deene, Northamptonshire

  • Daniel Hodson                 36yrs                  Ag lab                      b. Deenethorpe Northants
  • Jane                                  32yrs    wife                                  b.King’s Cliffe, Northants
  • Emily                                8yrs      daug                                                            “
  • Robert                              7yrs      son                                                               “
  • Henry                               5yrs      son                                                               “
  • Charles                            3yrs       son                                                               “

In the 1881 census the family are still living in Deene, Northamptonshire

  • Daniel Hodson                 48yrs                  Ag lab                       b. Deenethorpe, Northants
  • Jane                                  42yrs     wife                                 b. King’s Cliffe, Northants
  • Harry                                14yrs     son              scholar               b. Deenethorpe, Northants
  • Charles                             13yrs     son        “                                                       “
  • Mary Jane                        8yrs      daug     “                                                       “
  • Bertha Ann                      7yrs      daug     “

In Hickling:

Charles Hodson death notice Grantham Journal Apr 29th 1933
Charles Hodson death notice Grantham Journal Apr 29th 1933
  • Robert Corner dies in 1888 and Mary Ann Corner is his sole executor and beneficiary (Corner’s Yard/Hodson’s Yard – family connections).
  • 1889: a marriage is recorded between Charles Hodson (bricklayer’s labourer, age 21) and Mary Ann Corner (age 63).
  • There are frequent references to Charles Hodson in the Grantham Journal; particularly in relation to the annual horticultural and produce shows and also the Church and village events.
  • 1891 Census:
    • Charles Hodson – married – age 29 – born 1862 – bricklayer labourer – b. Northants
    • Mary A Hodson – married – age 63 – b. Nether Broughton
  • 1901 Census:
    • Charles Hodson – married – age 39 – born 1862 – draper – b. Deene, Northants
    • Mary A Hodson – married – age 74 – b. Nether Broughton
  • 1911 Census:
    • Charles Hodson – married – age 50 – born 1862 – draper grazier – b. Deene Wansford
    • Mary Anne Hodson – married – age 84 – born 1827 – b. Nether Broughton
  • Mary Anne Hodson died in 1912 – Charles did not re-marry.
  • Charles Hodson took ownership of the property on the death of his wife, Mary Ann (formerly Corner) in 1914.
  • 23rd April 1933: Charles Hodson dies suddenly (report in Grantham Journal) age 65. He had no children of his own.
  • Conveyance document dated 11th December 1934:
    • “The Personal representatives of Mr Charles Hodson dec’d to Mrs BA Hodson and Miss MJ Hodson. Conveyance of two messuages cottages and premises situate at Hickling in the County of Nottingham.” Latham New & Smyth, Melton Mowbray.
      • *Bertha Annie Hodson (sister of Charles) – recorded in the conveyance as wife** of William Hodson of Glapthorn Rd. Oundle, Northants
      • *Mary Jane Hodson (sister of Charles), spinster of Hickling
      • *the grantees
      • Emily Richardson (sister of Charles), no. 12 Khandalla Place, Beeston Hill, Leeds in the County of York, widow
      • Harry Hodson (brother of Charles) of 13 Belton Street, Stamford in the County of Lincoln
      • Charles Hodson is recorded as a poultry keeper and is the sole owner of the property (without encumbrances).
      • Probate was granted on his estate on 14th Nov 1933.
      • He died a widow (no children or parents); the above-named are the only persons with a claim on the estate.
      • Emily Richardson and Harry Hodson have released their shares and concur with the conveyance; the property is conveyed jointly to the grantees* with full powers to receive rents or to sell at their discretion.
      • “two messuages or cottages and hereditaments (formerly one messuage or tenement) with the garden and orchard and appurtenances thereto adjoining and belonging situate at Hickling”
      • At the time of the conveyance, the properties are occupied by Mary Jane Hodson, Edward Willett and GF Shelton.
      • The only Hickling witness to the signatures is Richard Copley [saddler].

Note: Bertha Annie Hodson**

** Bertha Annie Hodson was born in 1874 and married William Hodson in 1916 (no record of whether their shared surname was coincidental or whether they were cousins)

  • In the 1911 census she can be found living with her mother (Jane, widow) in Deenethorpe, Northants. Bertha Annie is listed as daughter and single; they are both laundresses.
  • In the 1939 register, she is still living at 13, Glapthorn Rd, Deenethorpe. There are 2 people in the household:
    • John W Wilson (single, dairy farmer, b.3rd Jan 1866)
    • Bertha A Hodson (widow, unpd domestic duties, b. 27th April 1874)

Note: Mary Jane Hodson

  • 1931 Electoral registers; Mary Jane Hodson is listed in Deenethorpe, Northants.
  • 1934: The conveyance records Mary Jane Hodson as occupying the property but there are no records for her in Hickling (or in Deenethorpe) on the 1939 Register or in any other records after this date (NB. electoral register records are only available up to 1932).
  • However, the 1944 conveyance documents for the Hickling property also record that Miss Mary Jane Hodson is ‘of Hickling’ and that she is occupier of one of the properties.
  • 1946: The death is recorded of a Mary J Hodson (born 1872) in the Oundle district of Northants – not enough detail to confirm a link.

Charles and Mary-Anne Hodson (gallery):