Families in Hickling (& a new framework)

Hickling families – how many different surnames would you guess that we have found so far?

200? 500? 1,000?

So far (excluding spelling variations) my count has reached 947; of these, 3 families seem to have lived in the village from at least 1642 (Protestation Returns) until now – The Collishaws, The Faulks/Fawkes family and the Caunt family. Research isn’t complete (by any means) and we can’t be sure if all 3 families have been continuously present but it’s still a nice record!

Almost a thousand family names involves a lot of work on the website; on top of that, we have 160+ houses and a further 100 businesses, clubs etc etc to add. So, we’ve changed the plan; we are creating a framework for the future – pages will be added for all subjects that we know we have information for and then we will go back and gradually add the information on to each one. The idea is that, if you can find a page for what you are looking for but it is empty (!) you will know that we have something on that subject – then you can contact us & we will send it through to you ahead of i appearing on the website.

THE FAMILY PAGES are now ready and a small number have information already attached to them The rest will hopefully appear in the next couple of weeks.

Either way, if you have any information or queries – please contact us.

THANK YOU for your patience!