Wright Thomas 1640 of Nether Broughton will and inventory

Thomas Wright of Nether Broughton 1640 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1640/75

The 24 Daye of August 1640

In the name of God Amen the Daye & yeare above written I Thomas Wryght of Nether Broughton in the Countie of Leicester husbandman being sicke in bodie but in good & perfect Remembrance the lord be praised therefore I doe Constitute and make this my laste will and Testament in manner & forme following That ys to saie

First and principall is I Doe Comende my Soule into the hands of Allmyghtie God my maker and Redeemer Assuredlie trusting that by and thorough the onelie merritts of Christ Jesus my onelie Saviour and Redemer I shall gain perfect Remyssion of all my synnes and my bodie I doe Comend to the earth from whence it Came to be Decentlie Buried in the Church yarde of Nether Broughton aforesade and touchinge all my worldlie goodes wherewith the God hath beene pleased to blesse mee I Doe Dispose of them as followeth That is to saie my will ys to

Itm I give unto the pore of Nether Broughton iiis iiiid

Itm I give unto my daughter Jaine Wryght xxx pounde to be peaide 4 yeares after my deceayse

Itm I give unto my daughter Jone Wryght xxxl to be peaide when shee Coumes to the eage of 24 yeares

Itm I give unto my daughter Marrey Wryght xxxl t be peaide when shee Coumes to the eage of 24 yeares

Itm I give unto my brother Henry Wryght the over Chamber meate and drynke and Clothes so longe as hee shall lyve

Itm I give unto my daughter Ann Wryght the nether most Chamber meate and drynke and aparryll yuseing hir well yf the done not shee shall have frif pound a yeare as longe as shee shall live

Itm I give unto my daughter Elyzeabeth Hycklyn xiid

Itm I give unto my daughter Marryit Bossorde xiid

Itm I give unto Marrey Hycklyn one ewe lame

Itm all the reste of my goodes I give unto my wife Marrigit Wryght and my Soone Richard Wryght and I doe make them my soule excextrexe of all my goodes

Itime I give unto my Soone Richard Hicklin xiid

Itime I doe make my Soone Richard Hicklin and Thomas Wryght my oversseares of this my will

Itime I give unto the Church of Nether Broughton iiis iiiid

I have unto sete my hand and Seale

                                                                                                         Thomas Wryght marke

Thomas Wryght

Richard HIcklinge marke


Preaised the xvi day of September Anno Dom 1640

A trewe Inventory of all the goodes Cattell and Chattell of Thomas Wryght of Nether Broughton husbandman in the Countie of Leycester Laite Deceased

  £ s d
Imprimis his pursse And his Aparill ? 0 0
Itm three Beadsteades belonging to as Coverlydes pillows and boulsters and      
Mattryses ?    
Itm in the Chamber tewe beadsteades and Clorthes belonging to them 1 10 0
Itm five peare of flaxson sheets 2 10 0
Itm five peare of hempin sheetes 1 10 0
Itm seaven pillow Beares 0 14 iiii
Itm fore towels 0 xvi iiii
Itm A dausson And a halfe of Napkines 0 xv 0
Itm … … Cloes 0 10 x
Itm one prasse … Coverlides one boulster three fether pillows 4 matryses      
And three Blankites and  five Coushing And one Longe vi 10 viii
Itm one … in the far parlor and a buffit forme one Chest one buffit stulle one      
Coffer   iiii ?
Itm in the hither parlor one Coubard one Cheaste one Chearne and one Coffer 0 xvi ?
Itm in the Hall one taibell and frame three Cheares towe Buffit Stooles 0 xiii ?
Itm in the Hall one Coubard and putter on it   0 ?
Itim all the Brasse in the hall And Chichin 4  iiii ?
Itim in the Chichin quernes olud Leade ? ? ?
Itim in the buttery fore barriles fore kites three tubes v iii ?
Itim in the dearyhouse and Chease Chamber 3 vi iiii
Itim in the hither Chamber one Chease and Cloth in it and other things 3 0 0
Itim foure heffers And Mares 26 0 0
Itim four heffers and six … and fore Caulves xxx 1 0
Itim xxx Cheese viii 0 0
Itim all the heay in the Closon 4 10 0
Itim two Cartes and Carte geares 6 0 0
Itim plowes and plow timber and harrowes 0 ? ?
Itim for fleakes and … and Chraches 0 ? ?
Itim five Swine 3 0 0
Itim a … of olde peasse 2 0 0
Itim fortie pounde of wolle 1 6 ?
Itim for wheeles 0 v ?
Itim for pullin 0 ? ?
Itim the … and the … and fore … and all other Implements seene and unseen      

Apreased by us Willyam …afford and Richard Hicklyn and Thomas Wryght

Probate 7 October 1640