Wright George 1689 of Hickling inventory and bond

George Wright of Hickling 1689 Inventory and Bond

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/JW/2/19

An Inventory of the goods & chattels of George Wright of Hickling in the County of Nottingham yeoman deceased taken the fift day of February 1688 by us whose names are underwritten

  £ S D
Imprimis His purse and Apparell 02 05 00
In the house one Cubbert 4 Chaires 4 Stooles hookes & Reckons fire Iron &      
tonges one table one henpen 2 bacon flitches & other small things 01 05 06
In the Parlour three bedsteads one featherbed & bolster and 2 pillows two      
mattresses 3 paire of sheets 3 blankets 3 Coverlids 6 pillows 2 joyt stooles      
3 Chests one Cubbert with other small things 04 06 07
In the Kitching 5 brass pans 2 brass pots two kits & pewter dishes one doozen      
and half of trenchers one pewter bason 3 soas dishes and spoons with other      
small things 02 10 09
In the Chambers 3 Chests 6 paire of sheets 2 doozen of napkins 3 table      
clothes one quarter and half of barley two strikes of wheat one dozen of      
cheeses with other small things 02 13 04
In the Dary several earthen pipkins several panshings 3 barrells several      
boules with other small things there 00 06 08
In the yard 3 Cowes 2 yearling Calves 2 Small pigs 6 fallow sheep 08 15 00
In the Barne a load of hay one quarter of pease to thrash about 4 strikes of      
barley to thrash 01 06 08
Things seene, unseen or forgotten 00 05 00
  23 14 07

John White          

                                    ) Apprizers

Richard Wright

Bond, 5 April 1689, bound Mary Wright widow of Hickling, Thomas Daft of Hickling yeoman, John Manne of Hickling yeoman, condition bound Mary Wright to administer estate and produce inventory

                                                                                                         The marke of Mary Wright

                                                                                                         The marke of Thomas daft

                                                                                                         John Man

Sealed and delivered in the presence of

Will Wilson

Robt: Scrimshire