Woolley Thomas 1606 of Goadby Marwood Inventory

Thomas Woolley of Goadby Marwood 1606 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/21/9

Anno Dni 1593

A trewe and perfect Inventorie of all the goods and Chattells of Thomas Woolley of Gawdbie Marwoode in the Countie of Leic yeoman deceased being Indifferently praised by Thomas Villers gent Nicholas Booth yeoman John Glen Leonard Hewytt John Woolley and Nicholas Hassellwall husbandmen the xxiith daie of January Ao …

Inprimis his Apparrellls
Item three and twentie sheets pricels
Item ii Pillowbeers one Towell two borde Clothesiiis iiiid
Item two Fetherbeds ii bolsters and eight Pillowesiii li
Item ii materrisses and ii bed hillingsxxxs
Item five Coverledds and iiii Blanckettsxxs
Item one Cubboord one Chest foure little Coffers iiii Bedsteedsxxvis viiid
Item ii Courtaines one Courtaine fringe and all the painted Clothesviis
In the Hall 
Inprimis two ould Ambries two tables iii Chaires with stooles formes shelves dishe boords 
one descloth and a Carpet for the Tablexxs
Item two brasse potts iiii Pannes iiii kettells one Chaffing dishe one Scumerxlvis viiid
Item xvii peecs of Puter iiii pewter Coopes ii Candlesticksxvis
Item one fier Iron ii spitts with a paire of Cobyrons and certeine other Implements about 
the fierviiis
In the Bolting house 
Inprimis one ould Coffer with certeine Iron stuffe in the samexiiis iiiid
Item one Boulting Troughe with certeine other Implements therevis viiid
In the Butterie 
Item one Barrell with certeine other Implements therexs
Item a dry fatt one having a saddlevs
Item iii sacks iii Windowe clothes and a haire Clothexs
Itm all the Cowperie ware about the housevis viiid
Item all the Joysts beames Trassinge and bords on the hall parlor & Butteriexls
In the Yarde 
Inprimis one Cart with Carte geares ii plowes with plowe geares one waine with ii paire of 
Item the two hovells in the street one hovell in the yard the Cole house the plow tymber in 
the same with all the pales and traies in the yard with the Stablesiii li
Item all the Corne and haie in the yard & about the houseiii li
Item one grindleston with forks & shovellsiiis iiiid
Item all the Rye in the feild and Abbiexiiis viiid
Item one Acre of barley earthiiiis
Item the barley earth and pease earth in Wikam Feildxiiis iiiid
Item one Sowe & iii shotesxxs
Item the Pullen in the yeardiiis iiiid
Item fowre horses and one folevi li
In the Osendalle 
Inprimis one stacke of haiexvs
Item iiii kyne and two Calvesvi li xiiis iiiid
Item fiftie two sheepexv li
Item silver spoonesxiiis iiiid
Suma totalislxii li viiis iiiid
Debts which Thomas Woolley oweth as followeth 
Inprimis owing to Raphe Jackson of Eaton as appeareth in two severall obligacons under 
the hand & seale of the said Thomas Woolley iii li a peece vizvi li
Item to Edward Knapexls
Item to Robte Greenevs
Item to Elizabeth Peake [?]vis
Item to the same Elizabeth iiii yeards of Clothe the price 
Suma totalisix li xiid

Exhibited Melton Mowbray 2 April 1606