Whittle Thomas 1739 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Thomas Whittle of Long Clawson 1739 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Will and Probate Records 1739

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Whittle of Long Clawson in the County of Leicester Farmer Do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in Manner and form following

First and principally I commit my Soul into the Hand of God who Gave it, hopeing through the Alone Merits of Christ Jesus to have a pardon for all my Sins and my Body to the Earth and as for my temporall things I Dispose of them in manner and for following

Imprimis I Give to my Son Thomas Whittle the Sum of One Shillings

Itam I give to my Daughter Mary German the Sum of One Shilling

Item I Give to my Son John Whittle the Sum of five pounds of Good and Lawful money of Great Britton to be paid by my Executor my Son William Whittle and my Executrix Mary Whittle my Beloved Wife

Itam I give to my Son Hugh Whittle the Sum of Ten pounds of Good and Lawfull money of Great Britton

Itam I give to my Daughter Ann Fawks the Sum of ten pounds of Good and Lawfull money of Great Britton

Itam I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Whittle the Sum of ten pounds of Good and Lawfull money of Grate Britton

Itam I give and Devise to my son William Whittle and to my Beloved Wife Mary Whittle all My Substance, Both Quick and Dead Goods equally to be divided betwixt them both on the Condition that My beloved wife continues A Widdow but if Shee Should Marry Again then my Will and Minde is that My Son William Shall have and enjoy all my Substance and my Wife Shall be Deprived of her part in my Last Will and Testament, Yea Wholey Deprived of all part or portion and be left Wholely to my Son Williams Courtasie whether he Gives her any thing or nothing

And Lastly I Make and Ordain My Son William Whittle And My Beloved Wife Mary Joynt and Sole Executor and Executrix of this my Last will and Testament on the former conditions mentioned of all my Goods, Cattle and Chattles and would have them to Give all my Grand Chilldren one Shilling Each

In Wittness whereof I have hereto Set my Hand and Seal the 14th Day of September and in the Year of our Lord 1738

                                                                                                         The Mark of Thomas Whittle

Sealed Published and Declared to be the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Whittle Senior Testator in the Presence of Us

John Hand

Thomas Burroughs

An Inventory of the Goods Cattles & Chattles of Thomas Whittle of Clawson lately Deceased Viewed and Vallued by us whose names are hereunder Riten this Twentit day of September in the year of our Lord 1839

  £ s d
Imprimis His Purse and Apparell 6 10 0
7 Mares 2 Yearlings 4 Foals 55 10 0
7 Milch Cows 4 Yearlings 5 Calves 28 05 0
Forty Nine Sheep 14 14 0
A Sow and Seven Piggs 3 16 0
Wheat Barley and Peas gott on Three Yard Lands 51 10 0
Old Peas and Hay 18 0 0
One Waggon & 2 Carts Ploughs Harrows & Gears 12 15 6
Clotts to Sowe with Wheat or Barley & the Barley Stubbles 15 10 0
Fould trees Troughs Ladders Forkes Spade and Shovle 1 01 0
Itam in the Parlour 2 Beds and Beding Cupboard Chares & table other things 3 10 0
In the Chamber over the Parlour 2 Beds & Beding Chests Chairs 6 10 0
The Chamber over the House 2 Beds & Bedding 1 10 0
In the Chamber over the Kitchen Wheels Reels 0 15 0
In the Kitchen Pewter and Brass and Brewing Vessells and other Small things 3 10 6
Cheese 4 10 0
In the House 2 Tables Chairs and other things 1 10 0
Coals 1 6 8
Things unseen and forgotten 0 13 4
  231 7 0

Robt Garton

Edward Wright

Richard Fawkes

Mary Whittle Widow and Willm Whittle the within named Extrix and Extor were Sworn the 29th Oct 1739

                                                                                                                        Before us Geo: Newell