Whitehead John 1647 of Nether Broughton will and inventory

John Whitehead of Nether Broughton 1647 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1647/43

In the name of God, Amen: The first day of June Ano dni 1647 I John Whitehead of Nether Broughton in the countie of Leicester Labourer beinge sickly & weake of body but of good & perfect memory & remembrance (blessed be God therefore) doe make & ordayne this my last will & testament in maner & forme followeinge, That is to say

First & principally I doe comende my soule into the hands of Allmightie god whoe gave it me, & my body to the earth from whence it came hopinge in & by the onely merites & passion of Christe Jesus his sonne & my redeemer, of the forgiveness of all my sinnes, & of a ioyfull resurreccon at the last day

And I doe give & bequeath unto my sonne Thomas Whitehead One Cowe, to be delivered to him by my executrix herein heareafter named, within the space of Twelve monthes next & imediately followeinge the day of my death

And the rest of my goods, cattell, & chattells whatsoever unbequeathed (my debts beinge payde & funerall expences discharged) I doe hereby give & bequeath unto Elizabeth Whitehead my good & loveinge wife, whome I doe allsoe hereby make & ordayne full & sole Executrixe of this my saide last will & testament

In wittnes whereof I the saide John Whitehead have hereunto put my handewritinge & seale in the presence of these persons whose names are subscribed

                                                                                                         John Whitehead hand & seale [his mark]

Andrew Browne his mark

Thomas Belton his marke

Charles Loe


A true & perfect Inventory of all & singular the goods, cattell, & chattells of John Whitehead late of Nether Broughton in the countie of Leicester laborour deceased, made & praysed the one & twentith day of June Ano dni 1647 by Willm Thomisman Willm Worsdale & Charles Loe, as hereafter followeth, videlt:

Imprimis his purse & apparrell xxs
Itm iii payre of sheets xviiis
Itm vi table napkins, one Boardcloath two pillow beares & one towel xs
Itm 2 mattresses, one Coverlett, two pillowes, One Boulster, & one Blanckett xxvis viiid
Itm vi peices of pewter & one Sawcer vis
Itm one Cupboarde, one Bedstead, iii Chests, one Coffer, 2 barells, one Churne, three dishes,  
vi spoones, 2 stooles, one Chayre, & one pan, with other implements xxxxviis
Itm 2 brasse potts, one other pan, & certen other small implements xs
Itm one Bacon flitch vs
Itm 2 shelves, one Cheese heck, & xii Cheeses vii iiiid
Itm iii milche kine, & 2 Calves x li
Itm 5 sheepe iii li
Itm one fire Iron, certen pott hookes, & panshins xs
Itm money oweinge by Xpofer Smyth to the testator, by bonde iii li
                                                                             Soma totalis xxiii li xs

Probate 23 September 1647