Wheel Inn

W1304a Wheel Inn (pre-1910)
W1304a Wheel Inn (pre-1910)

The Wheel Inn

(now The Wheelhouse)

1822Mr Daft(referenced here in 1822, September 1832, April 1834 and February 1840; no precise detail. Some unconfirmed reference to Joseph Daft and/or his son John, 'wheelwright & publican'.
1840Thomas Hickling(referenced here in May 1840; no precise detail)
1844Mrs Hives(referenced here in January 1844; no precise detail)
1851Richard Parr
1853Mrs Eliza and Mr Tom Munks (victualler & shoemaker)The Wadkin archives give two different dates here: 1853 and 1864 – unable to clarify, to date but Tom Munks is referenced here in August 1859 (no further detail)
1903Mr Munksdied here on January 30th 1903, age 76.
1910Mrs Munksdied & property offered for sale
1911Charles MunksAn Objection is served on Charles Munks at the Petty Sessions on the grounds that the licence is redundant on the basis that there are three other fully licensed houses and one beerhouse in the village.
1912Glen HardingBought by Mr Glen Harding & turned into a shop.

This newspaper clipping from July 1895 is typical of reports of village festivals at the time (this one is the annual Club Feast held each July): it includes both the The Plough Inn and The Wheel Inn and regularly featured The Foresters and the (bizarrely named) Amicable or Old Sick Club as well as parades and Church services.

The Amicable or Old Sick Club was a mutual society for the benefit of members if they were unable to work through sickness.