Wheatley Joan 1568 of Long Clawson Will

Joan Wheatley of Long Clawson 1568 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/259 and PR/T/1568/77

In the name of god Amen in the yere of our lorde god 1567 the ix yeare of the Raygne of Elizabeth by the grace of gode queen of Englande France and Irelande defendor of the Faythe &c and the x daye of July wytnessythe that I Jone Whetlie of Claxton in the countie of Leic mayde servante beinge sycke in bodie and of good and perfecte Remeberance do ordaine and make this my laste will and testament in manr and forme hearafter folowinge

Fyrste I bequieth my Soule to allmightie god my maker and redemer and my bodie to be buried in the church yearde of Claxton my paryshe church

It I bequieth to Adame Otes a cawderne a potte & a matteres

It I bequieth to Robarte Lyns viiis and to be halfe of my goods unbeqethed with Adamm Otes

It I bequieth to Willm … a litell panne & a cheare

It I bequieth to Elizabeth Moringe a potte and a shyte

It I bequieth to Isabell Wheately a coverled

It I bequieth to Willm Walles a spinning whele a paire of pottehokes with all things to hange them uppe with all

It I bequieth to Elizabethe Walles a shyte

It I bequiethe to my master Hecling five sonns xxd and iiiid to the shepard

It to my pore folks viiid

It I bequieth to Richard Whetlie xs of the somme of xvs that he dothe owe unto me other vs to Adam Otes and Robarte Lins

It I bequieth to John Hicklinge a pewter dyshe and to Henrie Hicklinge a pewter dyshe

It I bequieth to Elizabeth Moringe a pewter dyshe

It I will that my cowe be solde and the one calffe to bringe me to the grounde and the other calfe to Adam Otes and Robarte Lins

It I ordayne and make Adam Otes and Robarte Lins my full executors of this my last will and minde

Theis wittnesses Rychard Hicklinge Thomas Lyners with other moor

Probate 23 June 1568