Watchorn Isaac 1671 of Wycomb Will

Isaac Watchorn of Wycomb 1671 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1671

March 23th 1671

I Isack Wachorn of Wickham in the County of Lesester sicke in body but perfect in membory blesed bee god doth mancke this my last will and testement in maner and forme as followeth

In the first place I bequeath my sole into the handes of almighty god hoping to receave pardon and remission for all my sines by the death and pasion of my lord and saviour Jesus Christ

In primis I doe mack my wife Mary Wachorn and my brother Henery Wachorn my Exsector

Item I give and bequeath to my Tow sones John Wachorne and Isack Wachorne five pound to bee Eqelly devided betwixt them and to goe forward for them

Item I give my tow sones John Wachorne and Isacke tow yoes and lames and tow yoehoges and tow peuter dishis

Item I give to my tow daughter Mary Wachorn and Ailes Wachorn fore Pound to bee devided betwixte them and ether of them a yoe and a lam

In witenes hereof There unto I set my hand


Isack Wachorn [his mark]

Henery Wachorn [his mark]

Item I doe apoint my brother Henery Wachorn and my cosen Edward Wright to bee gardens for my tow sones John Wachorne and Isack Wachorne and if ether of them depart this life before the acomplish the age of one and twenty yeares the shall bee oares each to the other

Probate 29 April 1672 to Mary and Henry Watchorn


March 12th 1672

A trew and perfect Inventory of all the goodes and Chattell thatt Isacke Wachorne of Wickham died seased of

Inprimus his porse and aparill5100
Item In the house one tabell one pres cobord tow frame formes three Cheares   
a litell fall tabell the fire Irne and houckes all valed att one pound100
Five peuter dishies one Candell stick halef a dosen … a puter cope and a flagin   
in the house080
Item In the parler one bedsted034
The forneture that lieth one itt0100
One cobord in the parler0100
Fore Chestes in the parler one boxe one cheare a glas case0104
Tow pare of harden sheetes and an ode wan one hempen pillowe bere and tow   
holond one074
Item In the Chamber one bead stead three ould Cofers one wolin wheele linnin   
wheele and a pare of cobordes of wode one backen flick098
A beame and scales014
One shovel006
Item in the deary fore brase panes tow potes0142
Tow ould tobes tow peales041
Three panshines tow boules a Cheese fatt and a pipin020
Item Tow Coues468
Ten lode of maner060
Item Tenn sheepe valewed att fore and six pence apeese250
Item One pige080
Item A lode and a halfe of hea0100
Item Fiftene pound of yarne090
Item Three henes010
Item Thinges not seene and for gote068
Sum totall1999

Jo Beaver

John Wright

Thomas Stokes

Henery Wachorne his marck


Bond, bound Henry Watchorn yeoman of Wycomb, Mary Watchorn widow of Wycomb and Edward Wright husbandman of Wycomb 19 April 1672, condition bound Henry Watchorn and Mary Watchorn executors to execute will

                                                                                                                Henary Wachorne his mark

                                                                                                                Mary Wachorne her marke

                                                                                                                Edward Wright