Warren William 1632 of Plungar will and inventory

William Warren of Plungar 1632 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1632/11

In the name of God Amen the xxth daye of October in the yeare of our Lord god 1631 I William Warrine of Plungar in the Countie of Leic husbandman beinge whole in Bodie and of perfect remembrance the Lord be thanked therefore do make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and form followeinge that is to Say

First I comitt my Soule to allmightie god my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the Church yard of Plungar aforesd And for my worldly goodes which the Lord hath lent mee I dispose of them as followeth

Item I doe give and bequeath unto the Church of Plungar iis

Item I doe give unto the poore of Plungar iis

Item I doe give unto Isabel Cooke one Cow

Item I doe give unto every one of my Servants one sheepe hogg

All the rest of my goods I doe give and bequeath unto Anne Warrin my well beloved wife and unto my Sonne Robert Warrin

Item I doe make Anne Warrin my wife whole and Sole executrix of this my last will and testament if she doe live: if it please god that she doe die my will and pleasure is that Anthony Bennet my father in Law shall have the whole Tuition of my Sonne Robert and be made executor in trust for him

And if it please god that my Sonne doe die of this disease at this time my will and full mind is that my loving Father Robert Warrine and Robert Warrine Anthony Warrin and John Warrine my Bretheren I doe give them tenn poundes to be equally devided amongst them

Item I doe give unto my Brother Oliver Warrin all my land provided that the said Oliver my Brother shall plowe till and order one oxgange of Land for my Father Robert Warrin and shall fetch him yearly two Loades of Coales according as I did before and if he doe refuse soe to doe my will is that the land shall redound backe again unto my father Robert Warrin

Item I doe give unto my sister Anne Warrin five poundes

All the rest of my goodes unbequeathed my funerall expences discharged and my bodie brought decently to the ground I doe give and bequeath unto Anthony Bennet my Father in lawe whom I doe make my executor to distribute at his pleasure unto my wife Brethren and Sisters

And I doe intreate George Marsh and Christophe Sills to be Supervisors of this my last will and Testament

In witness whereof these have sett to there handes the daye and yeare first above written by the apointement of mee

                                                                                                         William Warrine

George Marshe

Oliver Bennett his marke

Christopher Sills

The debtes that I the said William Warren doth owe

Imprimis unto my Brother John Warren                                iii li

Item to my Brother Anthonie Warren                                    xxxs

Itm for Bread that was bought at Bottesfort                        iiiis

Item to my Sister Anne Warren                                                ii li

Item to the weaver                                                                      xiiiid

From Anthony Warrin payd that his brother oweth him   ls

And to Ann Warren                                                                     ls


A True and perfecte Inventorie of all the goods Cattles Chattles and debts of William Warren late of Plungar in the Countye of Leicester yeoman deceased taken and priced the second daye of March in the yeare of our Lorde god 1631 [1631/32] by us Christopher Sills Richarde Langley and Olliver Bennite and William Orson

Imprimis his purse and his Appell xxxs
In the hall  
Item one table one frame three buffett stolles one chayre six quoshians one reckon one fire  
Iron three hookes one paire of Tonges and other Implements xxs
In the best Parlor  
It one Cupborde one truss bed three chests one framed cheare xliiis iiiid
Item one mattris three coverlidds one blanckett eight yards of wollinge cloth lvs
It one paire of linninge Sheets three paire of hempeinge sheets three paire of harden sheets  
two table cloathes sixe pillow beares sixe linninge napkins tenn hempinge napkins one  
cupborde Cloath iii li
It twelve pewter dishes two candlesticks two salts one pewter Chamber pott one pewter cupp  
and other Implements xxxiiis iiiid
In the outer Parlor and Chamber  
It two bedds one haire Cloath three spinninge Wheeles two flitches of Bacon and other  
Implements xxxvis viiid
In the Butterey  
It three brass panns two Barrells two Brass potts one fryinge pann one cherne with dishes and  
trenchers and other Implements xxvis viiid
in the Kitchin  
It one Leade one mashfatt one youlefatt one kimnell one mouldinge boarde with other  
Implements xxs
In the yarde  
It all the corne in the barne and Chambers with the hay and Barley fallowes xxiii li
It the horses and horse geares the plowes and plow geares and timber in the yarde two  
harrowes and other Implements xx li
It Seaven bease and three Calves xvi li
It two Swine xvis
It the Sheepe xx li
                                                                                                                    Soma total lxxxxvi li xiid

Signum Christopher Sills

Richard Langley

Signum Olliver Bennite

William Orson

Probate 5 May 1632