Walker Thomas 1600 of Stathern Will

Thomas Walker of Stathern 1600 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/221/66

In the name of god Amen the sixte daie of January in the yere of our lord god a thousand fyve hundred nyntye and eight I Thomas Walker of Stathorne in the county of Leycester husbandman sicke in bodye of whole and perfect remembrance thanks be to almighty god doe ordeyne and make This my last Will & Testament in manner & forme folowinge

Firste I bequeth my soule unto almighty god & to my saviour Jesus Christe my onlye saviour & redeemer And my bodye to the earth from whence it came

Itm I give & bequeth to Thomas walker my eldest sone all my copye hould lands in Derbysheyre & one fetherbedd with a boulster a coverlette a blanket one paire of sheetes which he hath in his owen custodye aleadie

Also I give unto him a bason and a candelsticke

Itm I give & bequeth to my sonne Willm Walker foure pounds in money to be paied within the space of two yeares next after my decease

Itm I give & bequeath to Johan … my kinswoman my cupbord standing in my hall

Itm I give & bequeath to Randell my sone my draught wholly that is to saie fyve horses & mares with carte & carte geares plowe & plowe geares which carte is the better of the twane

Itm I give to my sone Randell the lease & all the Intereste of my ferme whearin I nowe dwell

All the reste of my goods unbequeathed my debts Legacies and funeralls being discharged I will shalbe equally devyded betwixt Randell my sonne and Johan … my kinswoman And I make Randell my sonne my full executor

All the wills heretofore made I doe verily forsake And I acknowledge this to be my last will

In wittnes whereof I sett my hand the daie & yere above written

Wittnesses Thomas Rouse Henrye Greene Thomas Towers & Thomas Allame

Probate 12 December 1600


The Inventorie of all the goods & chattels moveable & unmoveable of Thomas Walker of Stathorne deceased prysed indifferently by Thomas Rowsse Thomas Towers Thomas Allame & Henrye Greene the xixth of Novembre in the xliiith yere of our Soveraigne lady Elizabeth &c as foloweth 1600

Imprimis in his purse & his apparrellxvis viiid
Ite two bedsteads ii fetherbedds iii boulsters ii matresses & iii pillowesiii li
Itm iii paire of flaxen sheets iii paires of harden & iii paires of hempenxliiiis
Itm v coverlettesxxxs
Itm iii coffersxiis
Itm the painted clothes with all other implements in the parlerxs
Itm a bedstead in the chamber a spininge Whele ii stones of hempe certen wollen yarne with 
scepes & other implementsxxs
Itm in the hall iii tables iii formes ii buffett stooles & ii chearesxvis viiid
Itm one cupbordexxs
Itm ii brasse pottes ii pannes iiii ketles a dripinge panne & a scomeriii li
Itm x pewter platters a basen a peuter potte & a saltexiiis iiiid
Itm iii candelsticks a chaffen dishe and a lavarxs
Itm ii gar…s of bord & ii shelfesiiiis
Itm painted clothes in the hallvs
Itm ii spites a paire of cobeironsiiis
Itm the fyer eirne the gallowes a paire of tonges a fyer panne with the potte hookesvis
Itm viii cushensvis viiid
Itm iiii tubbes iiii peales a knydinge trough with dishes and trenchersvis viiid
Itm in the stable ii geldings ii mares a fylleix li
Itm one fylle morexxs
Itm v keyn one heikfer & a calfevii li
Itm sixe swynexxs
Itm viii sheepexxiiiis
Itm the better carte & carte geares plowe & plowe gearesiii li
Itm one old cartexxvis viiid
Itm one hovell as it standeth with syde peeces & over … with all the pales in the yerde & the 
wodd in the same yerdliiis iiiid
Itm ii Irone harrowes & ii lathersxs
Itm ix … iii tubbes & ii swyne troughsviiis
Itm the pullen in the yerdiiis iiiid
Itm the corne & hey in the yerdx li
Ite the Leasexxs
Suma Tolislv li xixs iiiid