Travis Richard 1564 of Plungar will

Richard Travis of Plungar 1564 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1565/52

Also probate copy PR/I/256

In the name of god Amen the xxix day of May In the year of our lord god 1564 and in the vi year of the raygne of our sovraygne ladye quene Elyzabeth I Rychard Trevysse of Plynger in the Countye of Leicester being sycke of bodye but holle of mynde & in good & parfyt Remembrance thankes be to god make & ordayne this my present Testament here in my Laste will in maner & forme following that ys to saye

Fyrste I beqethe my solle to allmyghty god my maker & Redemer and my bodye to be buryed in the parishe churchyard of Plunger & I bequethe to the mother churche of Lyngcolne iiiid

Itim to the parishe churche of Barston a bushell of barley

Allso I owe unto Mathew Dixsone of Barston xxxiiis iiiid wherfor I will that thys dett & all other dettes & duyes as I owe of ryght or of conscience to anye persone or persones be well & trulye contented & payd by myne exeutors hereafter named

Allso I geve unto Ales my wyfe & to my Towe dayghters Elyzabethe & Jane all my houshold stuffe within the dores

Itim I geve to my sone Roger my draught beasse my wynne geares & plowe geares to occupye this farme with his mother durynge her widowehood & if she marye he to have the farme & all the teame And I give to all Alles my wyfe all my kyne

Itim I geve to Jane my dayghter a lambe

Itim I geve to Thomas Trevisse my sonne xiiis iiiid one noble to be payd at Christemas Twelvemonde after the date hereof & the other noble to be payd at Christemas next after that

Itim I geve to my sonne Rychard Trevisse xxs to be payd at two severall dayes of payment so soone as my execytors shalbe able

And of this my present wyll I make the sayd Alles my wyfe & Roger Trevisse my sonne my full executors & I make & ordayne Mathewe Dicsson of Barston overseyer & supervisor of this my laste will and testyment desiring hym for the love of god to see my detts payd my legacies fullfylled & kepte & he to have for his paynes takynge xiid

And I utterlye Revocke all other willes before named

In Witnesse

William Smythe

Henry Buge

John Blancknye

Probate 25 June 1565