Thomson Agnes 1559 of Harby will

Agnes Thomson of Harby 1559 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1559

In the name of gode Amen the iiii daye of February in the yere of our lord god Mcccclviiii I Agnes Tomson of Harbe in the countie of Leicester … sick in body & hole in mynde make that me last wyll & testament in maner & forme as here foloethe

First I bequeth me soul to Allmyghte god hys Angeles & Sentes & me bode to be bered in the Chyrch yerde of Harbe

Im I bequethe to Willm Tomson me sone … … … … be the tythe of Ric Dobyllday & Robart Byard

Im I bequethe to Willm Tomson iiii shepe

Im I bequeth to Robarte Tomson me sone A kowe & iiii shepe

Im I bequeth to Robarte Tomson iii barle falose & barle to so them & A … & pese to …

Im I bequethe to Essabell Tomson me dowthter & Ellsabthe hur dowthter ii yose

Im I bequethe to Yssabell Tomson the best pot & a puter dysh ii harden shetes & a flawson shet

Im I bequethe to Jone Tomson me dowthter a brown hefer & a yo & the gret pot & a pane a … with a matrys & a bowste a shete & All the cloth of the shetes unbequeathed

I bequthe to … … hur husbande a … …

Itm yf Willm Tomson do not … whome Robart Tomson to have one of the ley that Willm shall have had & tother Cowe to be sold & to be parted eqall between hys ii syster

Itm thos fore shepe that Willm should have had to remen to hys ii systers eqawle to be parted

Im I make Robart Henfre & John Pares me full & lawfull execcutors & Ric Dobyldaye & Robart Byard to bere wetnes & the to have either of them xiid

Itm to our mother chyrch of Lyncolne iid

Itm that Robart Tomson shall not let sett no … of hys part with owt the coneson of Ric Dobyllday & Robart Byard Robart Henfre & John Pares