Tallis William 1587 of Plungar will

William Tallis of Plungar 1587 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1587/74

In the name of god amen the xiiii daie of Januarie ano dom 1587 I Willm Tales of Plunger in the countie of Leicester beinge sicke in bodie and of perfect mynd and remembrance make this my laste will & Testament in manner and forme followinge

First I bequethe my soule to almightie god my savyor & Redeemer and my bodie to be buryed in the Churchyard of Plunger

Itm I give & bequethe unto Margaret Tales my daughter vi li xiiis iiiid to be paid to her at the daie of her maryage

Itm I give unto Anne Tales my daughter vi li xiiis iiiid to be paid to her at the daie of her maryage

Itm I give to my daughter Katherine Tales vi li xiiis iiiid to be paid to her at the daye of her maryage

Itm I give to Elizabethe Tales my daughter vi li xiiis iiiid to be paid to her at the day of her maryage

Itm I give to Alyce my wyfe all the profit and Comodities increasinge upon my farme from the day of my death untill the end and tearme of ix yeares and the xth yeare my wyfe shall leave at mayday in the yeare of owre lord god 1596 iii Oxgange & a halfe of land plowed Tilled and Sowne for the use and profyte of Robte Tales my sonn & his successors and the other Oxgang of land I give unto Ales my wyfe with the howse Richard Ashwell dwelleth in and halfe the hye close all the tyme of my Lease yf she lyve so longe my wiefe payinge her part of the rent to my Lord of Rutland provided alwaies that yf yt please god to take awaie my wiefe out of this world after ix yeares be expired then my whole farme shall remaine to Robte my sonn & to his successors

Itm I give unto Robte Tales my sonn my Interest & lease of iii Oxganges & a halfe of land & my howse after ix yeares be expired & endid And in Consideracon thereof my sonn Robt Tales shall paie unto Annes Tales my daughter vi li xiiis iiiid at her daie of maryage

And further I will & command that yf my wiefe Ales heep herselfe wydow in my name Robte my sonn shall all the tyme of her wyddowehead & Leyfe when she dwellethe at Rychard Ashwells howse plowe, tyll and sowe she bringing seed to the ground and carye home his sayd mothers corne growinge upon her one oxgang of land, and carye yearelye ii Load of Coles, his mother paying for them at the pitts And yf my wyfe marrye my sonn Robte shall not be Chardged with any of these things

Itm I give to Robte Tales my sonn vi draughte beastes (that is to saie) ii oxen iiii horses or mares with waine & waine geres Cartt or Cartt geres plowe & plowe geares with all the hovells & pales beasts … Rackes & plancks to be repaired & maintained and lefte at ix yeares end for the use of Robt my sonn & his successors & the said vi draughte beastes shalbe sett furthe by iiii indifferent men

Also I will & Command that yf my wiefe do decease before the end of ix yeares Robte my sonn shall enter to the whole ferme after the ix years be ended And yf Robte my sonn do departe before he come to lawfull Age or to be maryed then I will & Command that the farme shall remaine to the rest of my Children Amongste them and if anie of my daughters decease before the day of their maryages then their partes shall remane to the rest of ther systers that beinge lyvinge And ther mother to be equally devyded amongst them

Ite I give to Mathewe Tales Tho. Tales John Tales my cosen & Elizabeth Cartwryghte my sister everie one of them iii stryke of Corne apeice (that ys to saie) ii of barlie & one of pease

This xii stryke of Corne shall not be paid this ii yeares

Itm I give to Joane Tales my sister one stryke of barlie to bee paid to her xviii yeares upon the farme yf she lyve so longe

Itm I give to the poore people of Plunger ii stryke of Corne

All the Rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable my debts beinge paid my legacies performed and I honestlie brought to my buriale I give unto Alice my wiefe whome I make my full & whole executrix of this my last will & Testament And I ordaine and make Supervisors of this my laste will & Testament William Bugge and Henrie Bawer and I give unto them xiid apeec

Witnesse to this will John Chessall Clarke Ambrose … Willm Bugg Henry Bawer with others

Probate 8 February 1587/8