Tallis John 1686 of Plungar will and inventory

John Tallas of Plungar 1686 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1686/104

In the name of god amen I John Tallas of Plungar in the county of Leicester being in my perfect sences, tho aged, doe make this my last will & testament in form as followeth

Imprimis I begge of god who gave my soul, for Christ sake to pardon all my offences, & to receive it again; and I will my body to be decently buryed

Item I make my Sonne Robert Tallas Sole executor, giving to his mother, my wife, two milch cows, & six ewes & duly managing, tilling, sowing, reaping & leading the increase of one oxgang of arable land for her use onely

Item I give to my two daughters Anne & Ellen twenty pounds a piece, to be paid att the day of their marriage and in case either of them dye before, then that portion shall fall to the surviving sister, but if both dye before they are married then both their portions shall bee my Sonne Roberts

Item I give to my Sonne William Tallas a Score of ewes to be drawn out a week after my death, & twenty pounds to be paid him two years after my decease

Item I give my Sonne Thomas Tallas fifteen pounds to be paid the third year after my decease

Item I give to my Sonne Richard Tallas two horses, two mares, four cows, and a Score of sheep to be given him when he takes a farm and ten pounds to be paid att the same time, which ten pounds att three years end he shall repay to his brother Robert Tallas; and in case my Sonnes William, Thomas, or Richard, or any of them shall dye before their portions are payable, then shall my Sonne Robert with the surviving brother or brothers equally divide his or their portions between them

Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Warriner five pounds, & to her daughter Frances Warriner forty shillings, to be paid the fourth year after my decease; and if my daughter Elizabeth dye before the time be expired, then her five pounds to be paid to her daughter Frances but if both dye before the four years are ended, then it shall fall to my Sonne Robert

Item I give to my daughter Frances Marsh five shillings to bee paid att my funerall

Lastly I give to my Sonne Robert as Sole executor all my personall Estate, goods & chattels, save onely what is before mentioned, & disposedof, and half my houshold goods, the other half I give between my wife & two daughters Anne and Ellen

And this I declare to bee my last will and testament and hereto have sett my hand & seale

November 1st 1686

                                                                                                         John Tallas his Mark

The last will & testament of John Tallas declared in the presence of us

George Cartwright

Brian Howitt

William Caunt


December the 21st Anoq Dni 1686

A true & perfect Inventorie (then Taken) of all the goods Cattells, Chattells, and Credits (whatsoever & wheresoever) of John Tallas of Plungar in the Countie of Leicester husbandman, Deceased, viewed & prized (by the persons whose names are under written) in Manner and Forme Following, vizt

  £ s d
Imprimis his Purse and Apparrell 05 0 00
Item in the Hall, one Long Table & Frame, 2 Buffett Formes, one great Cubbard,      
one Little Table & Frame, one joined Cheere, 2 Smale Cheers, two Formes, to      
Smale Stools, six cushings, & other Smale things theire 02 00 00
Item in the Hall Chimney, one fire ierne, 2 fire Froggs, one Raccon balke, 2 paire      
of Drawhooks, & other Smalle hookes, fire Shovell, fire Tongs, & Bellows, and      
other Smalle things theire 00 10 00
Item in the first parlor, one halfe headed Bedstead, three Joyned Chests, one      
Wanded Cheere, three Flasketts, one old prass, one sett of Cloth collard,      
Curtaines & vallens, one Matteris, one paire of Sheets, one Coverlid, one      
Blankett, one fether bolster, two fether Pillows 03 14 00
Item Linings in the said Roome, (vizt) twelve paire of flax Sheets, eight paire      
& a halfe of hemp Sheets, foure paire & a halfe of Harden Sheets 09 10 06
Item Six flax pillowbears severall with stanneings, eight flax Napkins, 15 harden      
Napkins, two flax Towels, wrought, two flax table Cloths, three flax Midleing      
Table cloths 02 07 06
Item one peice of flax cloth, 3 pieces of hemp cloth 02 02 06
Item in the same Roome, one Red blankett, one White Blankett, one Matteris,      
foure fether pillowes 01 04 06
Item in the same Roome, one Teaster bed, one Sett of Red Curtaines & Vallens,      
3 coverlids, one Blankett, one paire of Sheets, on fether bed, one fether      
Bollster, one fether pillow 08 00 00
Item in the Second Parlor, one Table & frame, one Buffett forme, one Litle      
Drawbox table, one Chest, foure Cheers 01 02 06
Item one Tester bed with the Beding thereon (vizt) one Sett of Cloth …      
Curtaines & vallens, one Coverlid, Two Blanketts, one paire of harden Sheets,      
one Matteris, one fether Bolster, one fether Pillow 02 17 00
Item one Low bed, with the beding thereon (vizt) one greene bedhilling, one      
Blankett, one Matteris, one feather Pillow 01 03 00
Item one Piece of Gray cloth, 5 yards, one yard & halfe of Cloth, cloth culld,      
nine yards & halfe of cloth culld, thirteene [line lost in a fold] three yard of      
Lining & Wooll, Sixteene Yards of white Jersey, nineteen pound of Coverlid      
Yerne, foure pound of woolly yerne, foure pound & a halfe of Jersy yearne 07 17 05
Item in the Store chamber, 74 Cheeses, 80 pound of potted butter, two Bacon      
Flitches & a halfe, one Pillion Seate, three Stone of hemp, two woolin Reels,      
5 Lining wheeles, a Markett Maund, & other Smale things 06 19 00
Item in the Servants Chamber, 2 Stubb Beds, & Beding, two Coffers & other      
Smale things theire 00 15 00
Item Pewter & Brass in & about the House (vizt), twelve pewter Dishes, one      
Bason, 5 Plates or Saucers, one Pewter Flagon, Tankerd, 2 CandleSticks,      
4 Salts, one porringer and pewter chamberpott, one pewter Tumbler, one      
Duzen & a half Spoones, one Brass CandleStick, one Warming pann, and Some      
Smale pieces of Pewter 03 05 00
Item one great brass pott, one great pann, foure Smaler pans, one frying pann,      
one Drippin pann and other Smale pieces of Brass 02 02 06
Item in the Deary & Buttrie, 7 Barrels, one Salting Trough, six Shelves, milke      
Vessel, & other Smale things there 01 05 00
Item in the Kitchin, one Brewing Lead, one paire of Querns, two great      
Brewing Tubbs, 4 …, one Swilling Tubb, one Cheese prass, one Cherne, 8 Pealls,      
B… Thrales, and other Smale things there 02 13 00
Item in the Corne Chamber, Wheat, Malt & otemeale, one Corne Skreene, one      
Table Leafe, 3 Bords, eleven Secks, 3 … Ridles, 2 … …, one Strike, 2 pecks, one      
half peck, 4 Scutles, one Seed hopper, one Corne Shovell, forks & Rakes, and      
other Smale things there 03 09 00
Item goods in & about the yard (vizt) seventeen hoses & Mares, young & old,      
& foure Foles 80 00 00
Item one Bull & nine Cows 25 00 00
Item seven young Bease 14 00 00
Item seven Calves, neere yeare old 05 05 00
Item six score & eighteen Sheepe old & young 40 00 00
Item Wheat, Barley, Beans & pease & other Graine 60 00 00
Item Tyth corne in the tyth Barne & yard & owing for 16 00 00
Item hey in the yard, and other places 30 00 00
Item nine Swine, old & young in & about the yard 04 10 00
Item three Carriages and Cart Gears 19 12 06
Item Plows, and Plowgears 02 08 00
Item 40 Fould Fleaks, 17 fence Fleakes, foure beast cribs six horse Racks &      
Mangers, one horse trough of Stone, one Stone Trough and one Wood      
Trough for Swine 03 15 00
Item two Harrow, old irne, curt Timber, & Plow timber, Hovells, & Hovell geare,      
Timber & old Wood in the yeard, Blow Stone, & … in the yard 04 00 00
Item nine Sheep cribbs 00 15 00
Item ground in the Field Sowne & to Soe 34 02 00
Item Coles in & about the house & yard 03 00 00
Item pulling in & about the yard 00 07 00
Item things & goods forgotten or not seene by us 00 03 06
                                                                                                                  Sum total 408 15 05

Richard Hickson

William Gibbon

Bryan Howett

Charles Sumner

Exhibited 18 January 1686/9