Tagg William 1517 of Eastwell will

William Tagg of Eastwell 1517 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/251

In the name of god Amen The first day of September In the year of oure lord m vc and xvii I Wyllyam Tagge parson of Estwell in my hole mynd and wytt make my testament in this Wyse

In the first I bequeth my soule to almighty god his moder saynt Mary and to all the holy company of heaven and my body to be beryed in the Chancell of Estwell

Also I bequeth my best … to my principall

Also I bequethe to my moder churche of Lyncoln vid

Also I bequeth to Estwell church to by a crosse xvis

Also I bequeth to … Kyrk to pay for my soule fader and moder and my brother soules xs

Itm I bequeth to … … xxs

Also I bequeth to my god daughter … Brabeson iiis iiiid

Also I bequeth to the master of Burton and to his broder to be prayd fore xiiis iiiid

Also I bequeth to my broder sone x shepe and iiii lambes

Item I bequeth to Chaddesdon Kyrk xxd

Also I bequeth to the … of Estwell to … …

Also I bequeth to … Tagge my fether bed ii Coverletts a payre of shets and a bolster with all my housold stuff and iiii marks of money

Also I bequeth a … to Estwell kyrk

Itm I bequeth to Margret Garton iiii shepe iiii lambes xiiis iiiid

Also I bequeth to the makynge of the causey from the parsonage to … iiis iiiid

Itm I bequeth to … of Rauff … daughters iiis iiiid

Also I bequeth to Richard Tagge wyff a gowne

Also I bequeth to my lord of Cropton vis viiid and to … … that ys prest vid and to every Noves iiiid

Also I bequeth to Thomas … …

Also I woll that myne executors by a marble stone to lay upon me

Also I woll that myne executors pave the Chancell with Brattonston stone with my proper goods

Also I woll that mast Comissary be Supervisor and for to be good master to myne … … I woll that he have for his labor xxs

Also I bequeth to Robt Smyth my kinsman xxvi viiid of that condicon that he do his mynd and good … to help myne executors of my last wyll and mynesters of the same for such detts as be owinge unto me

Thes beinge witnes Wyllyam Myllers Thomas Hyll Richard Elyngeston and other