Strong Elizabeth 1712 of Hickling will and inventory

Elizabeth Stronge of Hickling 1712 Will, Inventory and Bond

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/JW/4/11

In the name of God Amen I Elizabeth Stronge of Hickling in the County of Nottingham Widdow being weake in body but of perfect minde and memorie praised be to God for the same doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament hereby renownesing and revocking all former wills and Testaments by me at any time published and declared

Imprimis I give and bequeath my soule to allmighty God my Creatoure trusting and confidently expecting to be saved by the alone merritts and bitter passion of Jesus Christ my redeemer and my body to the Earth from whence it were taken And for the disposall of all my worldly goods which God of his great goodnesse hath bestowed on me I give and bestowe them as followeth

Item my will is after my husbands will is discharged what ever overplush [sic] money and goods I give and bequeath them to my two daughters Elizabeth Stronge and Mary Stronge when they shall come to the age of one and twenty years of age

Item my will is that my Brother William Stronge of Fleete in the County of Lyncolne Grasiere and my Brother John Stronge of the same towne and County be executors and trusteys and Gardens [sic] for my deare children they taking care and bringing them up

Item I put them in power to make sale of what they think fit to be sold for the use and bring them up till they come to the age of one and twenty years

Item my will is that my son George Stronge hand the Ten pounds of Brittish money if the trusteyes see that the over plush money will amount to doe it when he comes to the age of one and Twenty yeares

Item my will is that the Brass the pewter two feader Bedds and the great Chest be kept and equally divided between my two daughters Elizabeth Stronge and Mary Stronge when they come to age of one and Twenty years or sooner if the trustes think in convenient before

In witnesse where of I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the third day of September Annoq Dni 1712

                                                                                                         Elizabeth Stronge her marke

Signed sealed published and declared in the presence and sight of the donor … of

Anne Allwood her marke

Francis Morris his marke

William Barlow

A true and perfect Inventory of the goods Chattels Cattels of Elizabeth Stronge of Hickling in the County of Nottingham widdow deceased praised and valued by us whose names are here under subscribed September the 12th Anno dni 1712

  £ s d
Imprimis her purse and apparel 02 0 0
Item ten sheeps young and old 04 0 0
Item two cows and a calfe 05 0 0
Item one pidge 00 14 0
Item Corne both pease barley oates & wheate 7 10 0
Item Hay 1 10 0
Item Clots of Beans Earth and Barley saith 2 0 0
Item Money owing upon Bond 33 0 0
Item in the House 2 tables 6 chaires two buffits stoles one belloes hookes      
candle sticks warming pan and some other small things in the … 1 5 04
Item in the parlor one bedsted one cupbord one chest 4 cheires one coffer one      
cradel with bedding upon the bedsted and 2 fedder beds 3 6 8
Item in the chamber one bedstead with the beding upon it one old coffer and      
old cheire 1 2 0
Item pewter 7 pewter dishes 2 porrengers 2 salts one tangerd 6 spons 2 mustard      
potts one little plate 00 15 0
Item brass two poots 2 pans 00 16 4
Item 9 paire of sheets 6 pillibears two table closes 6 napkins 00 10 0
Item chees and bacon 00 10 0
Item two tubs and Chitts and things seen and unseen 00 13 4
                                                                                Summa totalis 84 13 8

Rich Smyth

John Man

William Barlow

Bond, bound William Strong of Fleet Lincolnshire yeoman, William Barlow of Hickling yeoman, condition William Stronge and John Stronge of Fleet to administer will and produce and inventory

                                                                                                                                       Mark of Will Strong

                                                                                                                                       William Barlow