Stringer Thomas 1757 of Hickling will and bond

Thomas Stringer of Hickling 1757 Will and Bond

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/JW/8/19

In the Name of God Amen I Thos Stringer Seniour of Hickling in the County of Nottingham Being of Sound and Disposing mind and memory Praised be God for the Same Do make this my Last Will and Testament in Maner and Form Following that is To say

First I Recommend my Soul to Allmighty God my Creator hoping Through the Merits of my Saviour Jesus Christ to have Pardon of all my Sins and my Body to the Earth to be Desently Buried at the Discretion of my Executor herein after Named and as for Such Worldly Goods as it hath please Almity God to bestow upon me I give and Dispose there of as followeth

I give to My Wife Margret All My Goods and Cattle and wot ever Appertains me that is to Say Wile She Continues my Widow & my Will is so that if She Should alter her Condishon that She Pay to My Daughter Margret Stringer the Sum of forty pounds before the Time of her Marrage out of the Goods and profits that I Leave her poss’d of and My will is that the fore mentioned Money be put Out to Use and In trust upon the best Security or Securitys that Can be gotten and that Same Interest that Shall Apear or become Due Shall pay and defray With out aney More Demands or Incumbrances the whole discarg for her Bord and Close and Edycation But My Mind is if My before menshoned Daughter Should Not Survive to the Age of Twenty one years my Will is then that the fore Mensoned Money Shall Twenty Pounds of it be Put out to Interest on good Security and Further My will is that the same Interest Wich Shall become due of That Money to be Laid out every Year and Yearly in Ten Common Prayer Books and My Will is that they shall be given to them or Such Children as is least able to buy them At the Discretion of The Minester on the Last Sunday in Lent for Ever

My Will and Mind is Further that the Other Twenty Pounds Shall be at My Daughter Margret Own Desposing to Wome She Will at her Decease

And Lastly I Do make my Wife Margret Stringer Sole Executor to fulfill this My Last Will or cause to be fullfill by Her or the Exceter or Surviover of the foremenshoned Margret Stringer hereby Revoking All former And Other Wills by Me Made

In witness whereof I the Said Thomas Stringer have here unto Set my hand And Seal the Twentyth Day of June in the Year of Our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred fifty three

                                                                                                         Thomas Stringer his mark

Sined Seald Published and Declared by the afore Menshoned Thomas Stringer as his last Will and Testament in the Presents of us Witnesses and by us Sined in his Presents

Robert Orson

William Chamberlain

Bond 30 September 1757, bound Margaret Stringer of Hickling widow and William Chamberlain of Hose Farmer for £200, condition Margaret Stringer to administer will and produce inventory.  Thomas Stringer deceased stated to be Farmer

                                                                                                         Margaret Stringer her mark

                                                                                                         William Chamberlain