Stevenson William 1630 of Grimston Will

William Stevenson of Grimston 1630 Will and Inventory

National Archives PROB 11/157/249, there is also a probate copy at Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives

In the name of God Amen I William Stevenson of Grimston in the County of Leic yeoman being sicke in bodie but of good and perfect memory (thankes bee to God therefore) doe make my last will and Testament in manner and forme following

Inprimis I bequeath my soule into the hands of my Redeemer Jesus Christ in true and certaine hope by his alone merits to rise in the last daie to everlastinge life

My bodie to bee buried in the Chappell yard of Grimson aforesaid

Item I give and bequeath to my eldest sonne John Stevenson the full and iust some of fortie pounds to remaine in the hands of Simon and Everard Steevenson my naturall brethren beinge raised of my goods and Chattells within one halfe year next after my decease, the interest to bee paid unto Elizabeth now my wife yearely for and towards his maintenance and breedinge until he shall accomplish the full age of fifteene yeares Then to bee put to prentice by the advise of my said wife and brethren & thencefoorth the said porcon to bee put foorth for my said sonne his best advantage and paid unto him with the encrease at the terme and expiration of his said apprentishipp

Item I give and bequeath to my two younger sonnes Thomas and William Steevenson the like some of fortie pounds apeece to bee disposed of and paid them in manner and forme as their elder brother abovesaid

Item I give unto my sonne in lawe Hugh Hassald one Ewe and a lambe or ten shillings in money to bee put forward for him within one quarter of a yeare next after my decease

Item I give to my Servant Anne Browne the some of three shillinges fower pence

Item I [“give” missing] to my men servants Edward Gamble and Robert Hunt twelve pence the peece to bee paid them within one quarter of a yeare next after my decease, as alsoe to Anne Plumtree six pence to bee paid her as to the rest of my servants

Item I give to the poore of the towne of Grimson to ten of the poorest three Shillings fower pence equallie to bee devided amongst them

Item I give and bequeath unto Simon and Everard Steevenson my brethren aforesaid to either of them twelve pence, to be paid them within one quarter of a yeare next after my decease whom I nominate and appoint to bee the Overseers of this my said will & Testament

All the rest of my goods and Chattells unbequeathed my debts and legacies and funeralls discharged I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Steevenson now my wife whom I make and ordaine my Sole Executrix of this my last will and testament

In witnes whereof I the said William Steevenson do hereunto sett my hand and Seal the fift daie of August in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand six hundredth twenty and nine

                                                                                                                William Steevenson his marke

Sealed and delivered in the presence of

Simon Stevenson

Everard Steevenson

William Moore his marke

John Clarkstone

Memorandum that after the ensealinge and delivery of the will abovewritten The Testator beinge in perfect memory, being put in minde of his estate whether it might extend to the performance of the said legacies answered &c That if his wives parte did not rise answerable to his Childrens portions, that then there should be an equall divident made betweene his wife and his Children or the like words in effect, In the presence and hearing of John Clarkston Edward Steevenson

Probate London 19 February 1629/30 to relict Elizabeth Stevenson

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives 1630

A true Inventorie of all & singular the goods and Chattells of William Steevenson late of Grimston Deceased taken & praised by Symon Steevenson of Stanford Everath Steevenson of Harbie Thomas Howett of Stanford aforesaid Jaspar Thomesman & William Hutchinson of Grimston Com Leic August the thirteenth anno Domini 1629

Imprimis his purse and apparell368
Item in the Hall, one long table two joyned Formes one Cubbard one square
table two joyned stooles two chaires with other implements1100
In the Parlour
Ite one Lyverie Cubbard three chests two coffers on desk one box one bedstead
one chair & one Cradle200
Ite eight paire flaxen sheetes300
Ite foure table cloathes one towel two pillow beares one paire of vallance120
Ite twentie napkins0100
Ite five paire and od coarse sheets two pillowbeares140
Ite one feather bed one Coverled one blanquett one paire of sheets with bolster
& pillowes200
Ite two carpetts sixe quishions0100
In the chamber over the parlour
Ite one bedstead with matterice blanquett & sheets wheeles & olde iron one
In the chamber over the Hall
Ite one mans saddle & a pillion cloth with a peace of stuffe & a bed with
furniture one cofer with other implements140
In the Servants Parlour & the Chamber over it
Ite one bedstead with furniture & certaine plough timber with other implements120
In the Kitchine
Imp one … two brass potts three pannes two potts one mash fatt one kneading
trough with other implements2134
Ite foure loades of Coales200
Ite five barrells one cheesepresse two kettles with other implements140
Ite fire irons gallow trees tonges and bellowes0103
In the Chamber over the butterie
Ite one trie, malt & barlie cheese & boards240
Ite peuter Bason & Ewer platters candlesticks chamber pott porringers
& aquavitae bottle with a brazen morter spoones dishes and trenchers1160
Ite one brasse potthole in paper9
The houshold stuffe2920
In the yarde
Ite five horses one mare & foale with two coltes3000
Ite two iron bound Cartes two wheeles with geares and furnitureobliterated
Ite Hey in the barne feild & close900
Ite nine swine young & olde two harrows hovells and ploughs with other wood500
Ite one scoare & seaventeene sheepe tenne kine & a bull in the close and five
Item for the Crape of corne4600
Ite forcks & rakes016
Ite for fleaks & sheepe cribbs100
Ite the husbandry bestowed on the lande500
Ite twelve beasts in the feilde1900
Ite five leather bottles030
Ite sixe yards of wollen cloath one Coverlett and a blanquett att the weavers120
Ite all things unseene    026
Suma totalis230178
Debts owing by the Testator
Imprimis for halfe a yeares rent for house & land7100
Ite to Ann Browne1411
Ite to Edw: Gamble103
Ite to Robt Hunt090
Ite to John Wartnobieblank
Ite to Mr George Allsope1000
Ite to Willm Harris12
Ite for the close rent2000
Ite to Ann Plumtree060
Ite to Thomas Hill   blank