Steel Roger 1628 of Ab Kettleby Will

Roger Steele of Ab Kettleby 1628 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/244/45

In the name of God Amen the Seconde daye of Maye in the yeare of our Lo: God 1628 I Roger Steele of Ab Kettlebye in the Countye of Leicester yeoman doe make and ordayne this my laste Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge, that is to Saye

Firste and above all things I gyve and bequeathe my Soule into the hands of Allmyghtye God my Creator, and my bodye to bee buryed in the Churche or Churcheyard of Ab Kettlebye aforesaid at the discreacon of my Extor hereunder written

Item I gyve and bequeathe unto Thomas Kicthin als Steele my Sonne all my three yeard lands withe the profitts and Comodityes thereunto belonging for one whole yeare after my decease, and the yeare to begin at the Feaste of St Michaell Tharchangell yeldinge and payenge to my Sonne Henrye for that yeare v li of Lawfull money of Englande and his dyett

Itm I gyve and bequeath unto my Sonne Henrye Steele all that my Messuage and twoe yarde lands arrable meadowe and pasture comons & comon of pasture with thappertenances nowe in the tenure or occupacon of mee the sayed Roger Steele To have and to houlde the sayed Messuage twoe yarde lands and other the Premisses aforesayed with thapperenances to him the Sayed Henrye and to the heires of his bodye lawfullye to bee begotten uppon anye suche woman as the Sayed Henrye shall take to wyfe

And for defaults of suche yssue then to my Sonne Thomas Steele and to the heires of his bodye lawfullye to bee begotten of his nowe wyfe or of anye suche woman as the sayed Thomas shall hereafter take to wyfe

And for defaulte of suche yssue then to my Somme John Steele and the heires of his bodye lawfullye to bee begotten And for defaulte of suche yssue then to the righte heires of mee the sayed Roger Steele for ever

Itm I gyve unto my Sonne Richard Steele his heires and Assignes for ever All that Oxgange and haulfe Oxgange of arrable land meadowe and pasture Comons and Comon of pasture with thappertenances thereunto belonginge which I latelye purchased of my brother Richard Steele

Itm I gyve unto Agnes Steele my wyfe one payre of sheets one mattress one Coverled one blanckett and iiis iiiid in money

Itm I gyve and bequeathe unto my Sonne John Steele the full and juste some of Fyftye pounds of lawfull money of Englande to bee payed him by my Extor hereunder written at his age of 24 yeares or daye of marriage whiche shall firste happen

Itm I gyve unto my Sonne Thomas Steele the some of iiis iiiid to bee payed him within three moneths after my decease in full satisfacon of his Childs porcon

Itm I gyve unto my three Daughters Dorothye Anne and Marye fourtye pounds a peece to bee payed them at theire full ages or dayes of marriage whiche shall firste happen

Itm I gyve to the Church of Ab Kettlebye aforesayed the some of fyve shillings And to the poore of the same towne to bee bestowed at my buryall the some of fyve shillings

And I make and ordayne my sonne Thomas Steele of Barrowbye to bee my Extor of this my last will & Testament

And I make Mr Richarde Hurste and Willm Alsoppe to bee the Overseers for the same And I gyve and bequeath to either of them for theire paynes therein to bee taken the some of fyve shillings

I revoke all former willes and Confirme this

In witnesse whereof I have sette my hande and seale the daye and yeare first above written

                                                                                                                Roger Steele his marke & seale

Published sealed and delivered in the presence of

Samuell Neale

Richard Allsoppe his marke

Probate 12 July 1628


A trewe Inventorie of all the goods cattells and Chattels of Roger Steele late of Abkettlebey in the Countie of Leic yeoman deceased taken and prized by Mr Samuell Neale Minister there William Alsop Robert Blanckley Frauncis Harris and John Crosse the ninth daie of Maie in the fourth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god of England Scotland Fraunce & Ireland Kinge defendor of the faith &c 1628

Inprimis his purse and apparelx00
In the Hall
Item a table, carpet cloth, forms, stooles, cubbord & chairesixiiiiiii
Item the fire Irons0iiii0
Item a Bible 12 qushions and pewder on the Cubbordiixvii0
In the Parlors
Item three bedsteads 2 Prasses and two Coffersixvi0
Item featherbeds, boulsters, bed hillings & a carpet clothviiiiiiiii
Item mattresses, Flockbeds, and blanketsiiii00
In the Chambers
Item flaxen sheets, bordcloths, napkins, pillowbeares & towelsxxix0
Item pillows and Curteynesiiviii0
Item Beadsteads and Coffersixii0
Item linen yarnei00
Item sixe wheeles a Chaire & certaine other things0viii0
Item six silver spoonesix0
Item in the Apple Chamber harnest ould iron & other implementsi00
Item in the Cheese Chamber flitches of bacon a Cheeshecke and other
Item brasse in the same chamberiii00
In the Kitchinge
Item a Leade0viviii
Item potts, pans, spits, Cobberds and wooden wares thereiiiiii0
Item Candlesticks chafendishes a posnet & a morter0ix0
In the butreys
Item certaine necessarie things in the little buttery0viviii
Item barrells & other implements in the other buttery0x0
Item certain things in the servants chamber0xviii0
Item a great kimnell & other implements in the Corne chamber0viviii
Item all kinde of Corne and hey about the house & yardxii00
Item horses Mares and Coltsxxii00
Item kine and Callvesxxii00
Item the Swineii00
Item the Sheepe and the Fouldxxx00
Item Carts and Cart geares plows and plowgearesviviviii
Item hovells, pales, neat … about the yardii00
Item plowe timber with bords & carte timber & harrowe geares and all other
timber about the yardix0
Item the Croppe of three yard land with thappurtenancesxl00
Item the henns0v0
Item all things unseene unprized0v0

Exhibited Leicester 12 July 1628