Stanwedge Thomas 1583 of Long Clawson will

Thomas Stanwidge of Long Clawson 1583 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1583/70

In the Name of god amen the xvth of September 1583 and in the xxvth yeare of the Raign of our Soveraign Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England France & Ireland defender of the faythe &c I Thomas Stanwidge of Claxton in the Countie of Leicester husbandman do make & ordeyne this my last will & Testament in maner & forme followinge

First I Comende my soule unto almightye god maker of all thinges visible & invisible, assuring my selfe of eternall salvacon by a lyvelye faythe in Christ Jesu, and my bodye to be buryed in the Churcheyarde of Claxton

Item I gyve to the Churche of Claxton xiid

Item to the mending of the causes xiid

Item I will that Elizabeth my wyfe have my farme, untyll my sonne Hew be of xxiti yeires of age, to thende she may bringe up my children

Itm I gyve to Hew my sonne foure landes, ii leyes, & one pece of meadowe, lyinge within the fieldes of Claxton, when he shalbe xxiti yeares of age

Itm I will that Elizabeth my wyfe shall have the thirde parte of my goodes the other two partes to be equallye devyded amongst my Children when they shalbe maryed or be of xxiti yeares of age

I do make Elizabeth my wyfe & Hew my sonne Executors of this my last will & Testament, and Richard Hubbard Supervisor

Witnesses to this will

Richard Hubard

Willm Marrat

& Roger Goodwyne

An Inventory of all the goods cattell and debts of Thomas Stanwidge of Claxton in the county of Leicester husbandman which departed this lyfe the xxxth day of September 1583 praysed by these men

Willm Marrat

Edwarde Gye

Richard Hickling

Roger Goodwin

His purse & apparel xiiis iiiid
In the howse  
vii smale pannes & one Cettle xls
v brasse potts xxxiiis iiiid
xii pewter dyshes ii candlesticks one chafeing dish xiiis iiiid
ii bourds ii formes one cupborde a penne ii cheares & one … setle xxvis viiid
In the parlar  
v payre of flaxen sheets vi payre of harden iiii coverledes iii boulsters vi pilowes & iii  
mattresses iiii li
iiii beadsteades iiii cofers one lynen wheele & a wolen wheele xxs
Paynted clothes in the howse & in the parlar xiiis iiiid
In the kitchin  
iiii tubes iiii …. Xxs
ii troughes one stopfat xiiis iiiid
One brewing leade iii lytle spits one payre of tonges [about three words lost in fold] xs
In the yarde  
Pales with other Implements in the Cowhose xxs
Stuffe in the shope ii hovels iii li
One carte iiii harrowes one coulter one share with other Iron stuffe liiis iiiid
xiiii oulde fleakes ii ould ladders with coales & an ould heare cloth xxs
vi hyves with bees xxs
One mare one coulte ii fillyes ii oxen & iiii Cye xvi li xiiis iiiid
lxxx sheepe xiiii li
xi swine … geese … duckes and hennes iii li vis viiid
In the Barne  
Wheate in the barne & in the feelde x li
Barly x li
Pease & hay x li
Debts owing to the testator  
John Dobleday iiii li
                                    Some 90li 15s 8d  
Debts owing by the testator  
To Thomas … John Flower & George Grantham iiii li
To Roger Goodwyne my brother in lawe viii li xiiis iiiid
The whole … the debts deducted is 78li 9s 4d