Stanwedge Hugh 1600 of Long Clawson will

Hugh Stanwedge of Long Clawson 1600 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/222/47

In the name of god Amen in the yeare of our lorde god 1579 the xxiiiith day of August and in the xxith yeare of the Reagne of Elizabeth by the grace of  god of England France and Ireland queene defender of the faythe &c I Hugh Stanwedge of Claxton in the contie of Leicester sycke in bodye but of good & perfecte Remembrance doe ordeyne & make this my last will & Testament in maner & forme hereafter following

Firste I bequethe my soule to Allmightie god my maker & Redemer & my body to be buryed in the church yarde of Claxton my parishe churche

Ite I bequeathe to my curate for all my tythes & offerings negligently by me forgotten if any suche be xiid

Ite to the pore mans boxe vid

Ite I bequethe to my son Thomas Stanwedge and his heires males all my Lands meadows & lea furzes in the feelds of Claxton and for lacke of heires males of the said Thomas Stanwedge I will that his eldest daughter have the said lands medowes & lea furzes without any separacon of yt to any other of her sisters but ioyntlye to goe together by succession

Ite I bequeathe to Hughe Stanwedge my son Thomas Stanwedge sone a payre of malt quernes & a paire of musterd quernes a couple of bullock Calves an yron bonde Carte a yoke and a teyme a plow with Colter & … and a great arke

Ite I bequeathe to Joane Stanwedge my greateste brasse panne & the great brasse pott a bord Clothe one chaffing dishe too puter chargers ii towells one pillow beare

Ite I bequeath to Joane Stanwedge a … heffer too yewes & ii lambs a bed hilling and the best bolster & a flaxen sheet

Ite I bequeth to Isabell Stanwedge a Cow Calf ii yewes & ii lambs ii brasse pannes a bygger & a lesser a chaffing dishe a brass pott ii puter dishes a mattres a bolster a pillowbere a bord clothe & a flaxen sheete

Ite I give to Heughe Stanwedge my sons son ii mares

Ite I bequeathe to Xpofer Hill a bushell of wheat at Michellmas next

Ite to Thomas Hill a yew hogge

It I bequeth to Thomas the son of Thomas Stanwedge a hewe a lambe & a Cow called Haddocke

Ite I give to Hughe Standwedge & Thomas Standwedge my sons children a hive of beese to go forward for them

Ite I will that Joane Stanwedge & Isabell Stanwedge have their porcons bequeathed at the age of xii yeres and Hughe Stanwedge to have his porcon at thage of xxi yeres

Ite I will that yf it please god to call any of my sons said children before they com to lawfull age that then that parte to bee equally devided amongst the rest

Ite I give to my brother Robt Stanwedge one strike of wheat

Ite to my cossen Willm Stanwedge a bushell of wheat

Ite I give to Roger Collen of Garsbye children a yewe & lambe amongst them

The resydue of my goods & cattell unbequeathed I give to Thomas Stanwedge my son whome I ordeyne & make full executor of this my Last will & testament and I ordeine & make Richard Hicklinge supervisor of this my Last will & testament & he to have xiid

Thes being witnesses Xpofer Goodwayne vicker Richard Hickling & Edward Guye

The probat of this Testament … to be made in the name of Elizabethe Hill her husbands name Willm Hill … … Thomas Stanedge her lat husband deceased before this will was tendered to be proved shee nowe as his wife demands the execucon of her husbands will