Spick Richard 1610 of Eastwell will

Richard Spick of Eastwell 1610 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/232/81

In the name of god Amen the fourth day of July In the yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god king of England France & Ireland the eight & of Scotland the three & fortieth I Richard Spick of Estwell in the County of Leicester yeoman calling to remembrance how fit it is for every good man to dispose of worldly & terrestriall things whilest god giveth the leasure, unto thend with more quietnes to conforme them selves to heavenly meditacons doe make this my last will & testament in manner & forme followinge

First I bequeath my soule to almighty god trusting to be saved by the only merits & passion of Jhesu Christ my only saviour & redemer and my body to be buryed in the Church of Estwell

It I doe revocate revoke & disannul all former wylles & testaments whatsoever & doe by these presents declare this present wil & the Contents hearin specified to be my last wyll & testament & for the disposing of such earthly goods & things as it hath pleased god to bestow on me in this world

First I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Spicke one oxgange of land together with all Comons & pastures belonging to the sd oxgang in the feilds, territoryes & precincnts of Estwell to be tylled dressed & brought home unto her in as good manner as the rest of his owne during her naturall life

It I give & bequeath to my foresd wife Ann Spick one Close lying next unto James Hardall his house

It my wyll ys that she shal have the use of the hall & one parlor severally to her selfe on the north syde of the house & one Chamber next unto the kitchin

It my wyll ys that my wife shall have the barne next unto the stable & the use of the yard for her cattell

Ite my wyll ys that my wife shal have the third parte of the houshold stuffe viz of my wollen, linnen bedding bedsteads pewter, brasse, brewing vessel & other woddeware belonging to the house

It my wyll ys that my wife shal have two of the worst kine & one brindled calfe

It one swine hogg & one pigg

Itm I give & bequeath to my two yonger sonns Thomas & Richard Spicke to each of them x li both of them to be payd within one whole yeare & a halfe after my desease, my sonne Thomas to have the presente use of his own then And Richard Spick to have his x li put into the hands of Christopher Smith of Wickham for the use & behoofe of the sd Rychard Spicke, tyll he shal accomplish thage of xxity yeares

Ite I give to my two sons Thomas & Richard one oxgange of land & hay growing upon the land I took of John Parpont in Estwel

Ite I give & bequeath to my foure daughters Ann Spicke Jane Spicke Alice Spick & Katherin Spicke to each of the fyve pownds & two parts of al my houshold stuffe to be equally devided amongst them

It I give to my daughter Margery Spicke xxs

Ite I give to the Church of Estwell vs

Ite I give & bequeath to my eldest sonne & heire Nycholas Spick al my lands in Estwel & to the heires male of his body lawfully begotten And for want of such heires male of his body lawfully begotten to my sonne Thomas Spick & the heire males of his body lawfully begotten And for want of such to my sonn Richard Spick & the heires male of his body lawfully begotten And for want of such heires according to the tenore & meaning of my fathers wyll

Ite my will ys that al my daughters shall have their porcons within one whole yeare after my desease & if any of my children shal departe this life before their porcons shalbe due unto them at the time specifyed in this my wyll that then the sd porcon shalbe equally devyded amongst the rest that are lyving

It my wyll ys that my sonne Nycholas Spick shal fetch & bringe home to his mothers house two loads of coales every yeare he she paing for them at the pitts every yeare

Ite the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts payd & funeral expenses discharged I give & bequeath to my sonne Nycholas whom I ordaine & make my sole executor

In witnes whereof I have set to my hand & seale the day & yeare above mentioned these being witnesses Thomas Dod, Jhon Peirpont Christopher Smith

Probate 16 October 1610