Spencer Thomas 1695 of Nether Broughton Will

Thomas Spencer of Nether Broughton 1695 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1695

For as much as it appointed for all men once to dye, upon the fourth day of September in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred Ninety & five I Thomas Spencer of Neather Broughton in the County of Leicester Tayler, being sicke and weake in body but of perfect memory and remembrance praised be God for itt do make and ordaine this my last will & Testament in manner and forme as followeth

First I Give & bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God who gave itt me and my body to the earth And as for those worldly Goods which itt hath pleased God to bestow upon mee I give & bequeath as followeth

I give to my kinswoman Mary Spencer of Nottingham the sum of five pounds

It I give unto Mary How the sum of five pounds

It I give unto Anne Hoe and Elizbeth Wells all my Household goods to be equally divided betwixt them

It I give unto Richard Bishop the brindled cow

It I give unto Gregory Willemett of Bunny a black cow I bought of Robert Winter

It I give unto Robert How of Langer my houses with all the appurtenances in Nottingham to him & his heires for ever he paying unto Ann Hoe foure pence a weeke duering her life

It I give unto Elizabeth Burrows my tenant ten shillings

It I give unto Mary Picks two sons each a ewe & a lambe

It I give unto Gabriel Spencers children every one a sheepe

It I give unto the poor of Neather Broughton the sum of Twenty Shillings

It I give unto Anne Hoe the house where I live for tearme of her naturall life and after her decease to John Spencer of Basingfeild & his heires for ever

It I give unto my neice Ann Hoes daughter the sum of five pounds to go forwards for her

It I five unto Richard Bishop my great Bible

It I give unto Ann Huskinson my little bible

And lastly I give unto John Spencer of Basingfield the close I purchased of John Ainsworth with all its appurtenances to him and his heires forever with this proviso that he pay the remainder of the purchase moneys and that he pay unto Anne Hoe twelve pence a weeke for tearme of her life

And all the rest of my Goods Chattels & Cattle I give unto The aforesaid John Spencer he paying my debts Legacys & funerall charges And I do hereby make him my Sole executor of this my last will & testament Revokeing all former wills by mee heretofore made

                                                                                                                Thomas Spencer

Signed sealed published & declared to be the last will & testament of the abovesaid Thomas Spencer

James Browne his marke

Henry Browne

Mary Picke her marke

Probate 26 September 1695


A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods Chattels & cattle of Thomas Spencer late of Neather Broughton deceased as the were taken value and apprized by Robert Iton Robert Huskinson & John Millner as followeth

Imp: His purse and apparell100
It: In the house one table six chaires fire Iron hook-s & hangings & other things   
in the house100
It In the parlour two beds & bedding one Chest & 3 coffers234
It In the dairy 3 brassed panns one brasse pott 4 pewter one tankred & other   
small pewter200
It and the rest of the things in the dairy026
It In the neather room a wheel a bedsted & other lumber028
Small things200
It Coales & hay & a ladder and offill wood1100
It two piggs1100
It five cows900
It nine sheepe300
Lastly all things seen and unseen & nott valued  100

Robert Iton

Robert Huskinson

John Millner