Smith Margaret 1670 of Hickling will

Margaret Smith of Hickling 1670 Will

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/NW

In the name of God Amen the two & twentieth day of aprill in the yeare of our Lord god 1670 I Margarett Smyth of Hickling in the County of Notts widdow being sicke in body but of perfect minde and memory thanks be given to God therefore Calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all mankind once to die Doe make & ordaine this my Last Will & Testamt in manner & forme following That is to say

First and principally I give my soule into the hands of God my maker who gave it mee And for my body I commend it to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in Christian burial & decent maner in the Parish Churchyard of Hickling aforesd nothing doubteing but at the Generall Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God

And as toucheing such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God of his infinite mercy to blesse me with in this life I Give devise bequeath & dispose the same in manner & forme following

Firste I give unto my sonne Thomas Skinner five pounds worth of household goods to be sett out by those persons that prize my goods and tenne pounds of mony to be payed to him within six months after my death in case he cannot get the tenne pounds of George Walker late of Sutton wch I formerly assigned to him But if he can get that tenne pounds of George Walker then my will is that my sonne Thomas shall not have the tenne pounds of money but onely the five pounds in goods

Item I give unto my daughter Margarett Skinner forty Pounds to make up the like four score pounds given her by her father six score pounds which is the sume I promised as a marriage porcon with her to George Dickson to be payed her at the day of her marriage with George Dickson if the said marriage take effecte, if not to be payed unto her at the day of her marriage with any other man, or when shee shall accomplish the age of one & twentie yeares

It I give further unto my daughter Margaret Skinner fifteene pounds worth of the best houshold goods to be sett out by them that prize my goods, and five pounds to be payed unto her when my sonne John Smyth shall accomplish the age of one & Twentie yeares if my Daughter Margarett Skinner shall soe long live

It I give unto my Daughters in Lawe Anne Smyth & Grace Smyth five pounds worth in houshold goods, betwixt them to be sett out by the persons that prize my goods, and delivered to them with in three months after my death if they demand them

It I give unto the poore widows of Hickling four pence a peece to be payed them on the day of my funerall

It I give unto my son John Smyth my crop on the Ground & all my horses cattel carts ploughs giers for husbandry And all other my worldly estate my debtes legacyes & funerall expences being first satisfied & discharged & my will is that if my son John Smyth dye before he accomplish the age of one & twenty yeares or before he marry that what remains of my goods (after my debts legacyes & funerall charges are satisfied) be equally divided Among Thomas Skinner Margarett Skinner Anne Smyth & Grace Smyth or soe many of them as shall be alive at that tyme

And of this my Last will and Testament I make & ordain George Fisher Rr [Rector] of Hickling in the County of Nottm And Thomas Daft my brother in lawe of Hickling aforesd my full & whole executors and I doe hereby utterly disallow revoke and annull all & every other former Testamts wills Legacies bequeaths & executors by me in any wise before this tyme named willed & bequeathed ratifying and confirmeing this and none other to be my Last will and Testament

[Marginal addition]  Item I give to my servants two shillinges & six pence apiece and to Nicholas Coates my apprentice an ewe & a lambe to be given to him as he goeth away

It I give to Ales D… one pounde

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale the day & yeare above written

                                                                                                         Margarett Smyth her marke

Signed, Sealed, published pronounced and delivered by the said Margarett Smyth as her Last will & Testamt in the presence of us

Hugh Gill

Richard Smith

Thomas Dafte